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Jun 30, 2006 11:42 PM

Oyster Motoyaki in GTA?

Trying to find a Japanese Restaurant with Oyster Motoyaki (Baked Oyster with Mayonnaise).


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  1. While we're at it, as the request is similar, does anyone know where to find a restaurant that does takoyaki and a place where I can find a pan to make some?

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      1. re: jennjen18

        They are octopus balls. I googled these tasty looking pictures; I don't know who took them, but I bless him.

        1. re: S_K

          Yes, I see it! Did you see the "toys" section, with the Hello Kitty? It's a takoyaki Kitty, with an octopus!!

          I've had takoyaki in HongKong before! It was very yummy, with bits of octopus. MmmMMmmm..

          1. re: jennjen18

            Hehe. No, I didn't see the takoyaki but I had a look when you mentioned it. Hilarious and cute! (And I wish I tried takoyaki in Hong Kong before too.) :)

      2. re: S_K

        There is a Japanese restaurant in the foodcourt of TNT at Middlefield & Steeles that serves takoyaki. They make it fresh as you order it. Very delicious!

        1. re: S_K

          You can try Kenzo Ramen on Yonge, south of Steeles. I've tried their takoyaki with octopus last time I went there with my boyfriend. The tasted was good and quite authentic, although not cheap. ($8 for 6 balls). I also liked their ramen.

          1. re: S_K

            There's a stand inside the food court of First Markham Place that caters to them as a specialty. First Markham Place is located at Hwy 7 & b/w Woodbine and Warden - same mall as Home Outfitters and Golf Town.

          2. I believed this place inside the food court used to be there, but now it is gone.

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            1. re: kaka

              Thanks guys! This is really great! I am very happy, but I feel guilty because now I see how much I've hijacked the original thread's topic with my question.

              So, uh, will we also find oyster motoyaki near the places we find the takoyaki?

              1. re: S_K

                I don't know if Kenzo has oyster motoyaki now, would like to know too.

                So far I would only make motoyaki myself (with mussels instead). They are equally tasty!