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Jun 30, 2006 11:21 PM

Corn tortillas in western part of GTA???

Hi all!

We just moved here a few months ago, and I've been unsuccessful in a search for corn tortillas. I need to make enchiladas!! Has anyone spotted a grocery chain or small independent grocer who carries corn tortillas anywhere near Oakville?

Thank you so much for any info :c)


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  1. Fresh corn torillas are a rare commodity in Toronto. Highland Farms sometimes carries them frozen. My recommendation is to find the closest Mexican restaurant that makes homemade tortillas and ask them if they will sell their tortillas to you. This is what I finally had to do, and luckily there's a place near me that is happy to oblige. Unfortunately, I don't know Oakville, so can't help you with recs. Good luck!

    1. Up in Aurora, we have several "healthy food alternative" type stores such as Ambrosia, that carry corn tortillas. Also if you have a Whole Foods chain store near by, check them. I am sure that Oakville has one of this kind of store... check your yellow pages and call ahead.

      1. Try El Gran Tropical at 391 Kerr St. in Oakville - 905-845-9262. It's a Latin grocery store/market. IF it's not in business anymore, try Vigo International $ Transfers at 3038 Hurontario St in Mississauga, 905-949-8446.

        There are lots of other spots. Try and click on supermercados

        1. My suggestion, if you can't find them in Oakville and have to come into the city is Kensington Market. There's a shop there that has corn tortillas and many different chilies both fresh and dried. It's a great place. I also know that the No Frills at Eglinton and Black Creek has them and I suspect that the one at Dundas and Lansdowne does as well since they're the same type of NF.

          Good Luck

          1. Thank you all so much for your suggestions, I will begin my search!!