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Jun 30, 2006 10:42 PM

King Taco: what's in that sauce?!!?! [moved from Los Angeles board]

Savor the Flava. i've come close to mastering this sauce at home, but mine taste more like El Taurino aka hoover taco- sauce. can anyone taste a hint of curry or tumeric? what's in their sauce thats sooo addicting?



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  1. Are you sure their sauces are different? King Taco owns El Taurino (and both are at least partly owned by Pepsi, supposedly), so I assumed they used the same green and red salsas, though sometimes the sauces do taste a little different. That, however, could simply be the result of different chilis of the same variety having different tastes.

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      good to know...but, yeah i do taste the difference between the two sometimes... perhaps you're right on the different chillies. - thanks for the scoop!!

      1. re: jms_5150

        hey jms, could you post the recipe up because i've been wanting to make this myself

      2. re: hungrybruin

        Please post your recipe!!!

        I'm a total hot sauce freak and King Taco has one of the best in LA. Lots of character and lots of heat. I would buy it buy the quart if they would sell it... alas, the most I'm ever able to get away with is a few onces!!! What a shame. Forget world peace, Imagine carne asada merrinaded in this?!?!

        This stuff definitely has lime or lemon, and I kinda feel is has pumpkin seeds too, which is common in salsas like this. It's similar to Tapatio brand hot sauce but with much less vinegar (if any). It's also more earthy (pumpkin seeds?) and has much more heat. It's not fruity at all so I would say it has little to no habanero.

        1. re: Kevitivity

          I don't think this dude wants to post his recipe or doesn't use the board any longer, the requests have been up for about a year but he has never shown up.

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            does anyone know whats in there carna asada merrinaded i really wanna know that me and my girlfriend have been lookin for this like crazy so far nothing :'(

            1. re: guywithbluepants

              I don't have any inside info, just speculation from eating there so often . . . I have to guess the marinade is heavy with lime juice?? It may not be all there is in the marinade, but it sure seems like it's one of the ingredients.

              1. re: guywithbluepants

                mojo criollo is the marinade they use to make carne asade. you can purchase mojo criollo at just about any mexican market. It's made by several different companies.

            2. re: hungrybruin

              FALSE: The Taurino and King Taco are among the select few mega successful Latino - family owned restaurants in the country. Pepsi owns nothing, Pepsi pays a kings ransom to be the official cola of the franchise. The franchise has been owned by THE same family for over forty years, started by the two brothers, one who just passed away last year. The brother ( who passed away) who had smaller ambitions never went far beyond the few Taurinos that exist today. The other patriarch was the one who operated the King Taco name brand. He is a total genius.

            3. i've got no idea what's in the sauce, but it is so good! i love that place.

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