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Jun 30, 2006 10:35 PM

Salpicon - 2 questions

I will be in Chicago next weekend, and have a reservation at Salpicon with several other out-of-town friends. Two questions--
1) any favorites on the menu we shouldn't miss?
2) we have a later reservation, and I'd like to find a spot to meet for drinks prior to dinner... is there a sizable bar at the restaurant, or is there any spot within a short walk of Salpicon that you'd recommend?


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  1. Good restaurant choice.

    Regarding ordering, I like to get a lot of appetizers and a smaller number of entrees to split (naturally, doing this depends on who you are with). This isn't to say the entrees aren't good. They are fantastic. But I like to try a lot of things, and the appetizers always seem especially excellent and interesting.

    Regarding drinks beforehand, the restaurant is on Wells Street and if you walk north on Wells you will be in the heart of Old Town. There are a ton of bars, especially near Wells and North Ave. If you want to keep with the Mexican theme, I like to get drinks at Adobe Grill, which is also on Wells, just north of North Avenue. The food isn't nearly as good there as Salpicon, but they have a large bar area and make great drinks.

    Have fun and report back.

    1. I love Salpicon! They decor is so lively- and the staff is wonderful. Some of my favorites are the halibut, the quail, and the lamb chops. They have an awesome wine list- and their margaritas are great- as well as the tequila selection.