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Removing Posts from "my recent posts" list in myCHOW

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How? I tried searching for instructions but, if you read my post on Site Talk, you'll know that the search function & I aren't getting along.

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  1. Eat out, shop or cook more and post about it. The old posts will go away. I don't think there is anyway to remove posts from that part of the screen. Why do you want to do this?

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    1. re: theotherhalfofdh

      Sometimes I respond to posts that I'm not interested enough in to keep, just have a helpful tidbit (at least I think I'm being helpful!!) to add. And of course the threads I initiate are the ones getting pushed out.

      1. re: DreinLA

        I understand. I would like an option like that also. I think it will discourage me from answering questions if that means a quick reply removes topics that are more important to me.

        I know there is bookmarking, but we are using bookmark for those topics we did not participate in and would like to track.

        I would like an optional flag in topics and posts. For example, "R = review", "I = information". That way when looking up a restaurant, especially a popular one, searching for all topics flagged as "R" would return all posts with reviews and not just questions or statements like "I recommend Chipotle"