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Jun 30, 2006 09:53 PM

what is butterfish? [moved from Toronto]

Does anyone know what butterfish is and who serves it in toronto? I have had butterfish sashimi at sushi on bloor and it was good, but still a bit frozen when serves to me, which is pretty mediocre. I was also served something at sushi inn last night that they claimed was butterfish, and they said it is albacore/white tuna. while similar it was not as good as what i was given at sushi on bloor. both were not far off from something i had in brazil last month, called Meca, which i believe is a kind of swordfish. I googled butterfish and a picture of a very small fish came up, and i am sure the sashimi i had was from quite a large fish. so what is butterfish?

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  1. It is also known as Sable or Black Cod.

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      Yep - they regularly serve it as sushi/sashimi at Edo or Edo-Ko and I've also had it at Omi. Quite tasty.

    2. it's also known as escolar.

      raw butterfish is available at nearly all the sushi joints but the better ones will definitely not serve it up to you frozen (omi, japango, etc.) and will often do it up cooked as miso cod.

      one word of warning.... well several words:
      there's a post about this from a few months back in one of the general boards and if you ever choose to buy butterfish a la carte or to cook at home, DO NOT eat more than 8oz (or is it 6?). your body does not process the fats and oils in the fish very well so when you eat too much you leak.... orange oil. profusely and at any moment and in amounts inconceivable.

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        Okay. I know this is an old topic, but thank goodness I randomly ran across this discussion. THIS IS REAL people. I had butterfish sashimi for lunch yesterday. Today, I noticed this orange oily leakage and I was freaked the hell out. Now I know what happened.

        Watch yourself and the butterfish folks. Lesson learned.

      2. Are you serious? I ordered that much for single servings from City Fish a month ago, and had no such problem. Where does this oil secrete from?

        Also, does anyone know where Black Cod can be purchased fresh, and not fresh from frozen?

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          maybe each individual person is prone to the leaking more than another or not at all. the thread i found is here:

          do you remember those "fat free" chips made with some variation of oil called olestra or some such.... exact same idea except orange. people have been known to leave puddles in seats....

        2. I find the best way to enjoy butterfish, it a little cooked, or fully cooked.
          I know at Japango they use a kitchen torch on the outside, and top it with browned garlic, and it is DELICIOUS. I find cooking it a little brings out the wonderful flavours.

          1. I think Sushi on 7 actually serves butterfish as part of their all you can eat dinner