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Jun 30, 2006 09:34 PM

Wishlist item(s)

Wishlist item 1: There ought to be a wishlist board! To be clear, this is not for items that need immediate attention, but for items that we think the programmers ought to think about once the bugs and immediately required features are corrected. Perhaps this is just during the initial period, where the Site Talk becomes that after a while. But Site Talk has traditionally been for lots of other functions, and perhaps a wishlist board would help us look at, evaluate, and prioritize future enhancements. For example, I'd put this in such a category:

Wishlist item 2: There ought to be a way to delete entire threads from your view (although the contents would remain searchable). Most of us have items that we know we will never bother to look at - there ought to be a way to mark threads that way (within our machines) so that they never show again, regardless of whether they are updated or not. Bringing it up under a search would take off the marker and make it visible again.

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  1. First, let me say that while no site is perfect, I think the Chowhound/CNET team has made a lot of improvements over the old system. Yes, some useful things are gone and the charm of the old ramshackle place is lost but give it time. The old site had been around for 10?(!) years? This version is only what, 10 days old at most?

    Now, off the top of my head, some wishes:

    1. A "Mark all discussions as read" button or link when viewing a screenful of discussions.

    Why? Sometimes you fall too far behind (maybe you were on vacation?) and just want to wipe the slate clean.

    Or sometimes, like right now, you've clicked into and read everything of interest to you, are not interested in the rest, and just want to wipe the slate clean so the discussions with new posts stand out to you.

    2. When there are new posts in discussion you've read, have the "new" icon on the top level, when clicked, scroll you down to the first new post. Yes, I know the new posts may be sprinkled throughout the discussion, but save me a few seconds of scrolling and squinting by giving me a shortcut to get to the first one.

    3. With viewing the list of discussions, I'd love for there to be some indication of who last posted. Honestly, that's probably more important than the currently-permanent
    "Started by:". Why do I want this? I don't know that I can put it into words, but it feels useful to know who's recently contributed.

    That's it for the moment. I'm sure I'll think of more later.

    Peter in the Heights

    1. I agree about the usefulness of knowing who has posted responses to a thread ... on the old board that was often how I decided which responses to read.

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        Hear, hear. This has been mentioned a number of times in varying ways, but the point is the same. Not PC perhaps, but I often, very often, did the same.

      2. At least on Hot Posts, both applehome and peter's desire is being partially granted -- you can mark as read, anyway. I believe that this will not block future replies on those thread from coming into view, though.

        I've been lobbying for giving users the option of not seeing any posts that they could have seen the last time they were online. You would see only the original post and new replies. If you want to see older replies, you can click to see them. This is far superior to old Hot Posts, because it is board specific. I realize that not everyone would use this option, but on boards where this option is available, almost everyone uses it.