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Jun 30, 2006 09:31 PM

Am I inept?

I don't know if this is user error so I'm posting here and not on Feedback:Report problems.

When I search for items I know have been posted to Chowhound, I'm getting results where it's finding one of my search terms in a word i.e. eat. on sunset returns words that have "eat" or "on" in them (like retreat or button) but no eat. on sunset. Or eat on sunset. Or eat.

I used to be able to find stuff....Help?

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  1. Yeah, I could've sworn we had posts entitled "Eat on Sunset" and I can't find them either. Perhaps not all the threads survived the move.

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    1. re: Mrs Fang

      You must have searched on a specific board.

      If you search on 'All Forums', you get many results.

      1. re: Engineering

        Yes, I searched on the LA Board; it's the name of a restaurant here.

    2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I just searched for "delete a post" and EVERY POSTING THAT HAS A WORD CONTAINING THE LETTER "A" in the title SHOWED UP. It's SO not me. Phew....

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      1. re: DreinLA

        Hold on -

        This is a bug in the hilighting.

        The underlying search is working fine.

        1. re: Engineering

          A-ha! The operation was a success, but the patient died. I see. :)