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Jun 30, 2006 09:16 PM

Edible Boston [Moved from Boston board]

So I was reading about this new quarterly magazine which focuses on local products and purveyors around Boston, and was just wondering if anyone had seen the inaugural issue? Just curious - sounds like a something I'd want to subscribe to.

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  1. Rubee, it sounds good in theory, but it sounds like a one-woman show for now...I went thru their website, and only one contributor, Ilene was listed, along with all the reasons she started the magazine. She also seems to be the chief cook and bottlewasher, because you get to "" when you click on "contact us"...I'm just sayin'... ;)

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      Thanks GG! Hmmm...I know that some of the others like Edible Phoenix and Edible San Francisco are all one-person run also. I'm curious because I remember Saveur magazine highly recommending the first one when it came out (not sure what area). Looks like it will be available at farmer's markets and co-ops. Keep me posted if you run across it!

    2. Joe Yonan at the Globe posted this the other day about the magazine:

      I've gotten a sneak peak at the newest food publication in town, Edible Boston, and it looks mighty nice. Publisher/editor Ilene Bezahler says the first copies are in trucks on their way to Brookline even as you read this. The pub features a beautiful basket of blue eggs on the cover, illustrating a story by chef Paul Sussman about a new brand of humanely raised rose veal and blue eggs.

      Edible Boston will be available for free at farmer's markets and at some advertisers (Russo’s in Watertown, Henrietta’s Table in Cambridge, Brookline Liquor Mart In Brookline and Sunshine Farm in Sherborn), while subscriptions will be available on the website for $28 a year. It's part of a national network that includes Edible Cape Cod, which we wrote about in the spring. I'll be reading...

      Posted by Joe Yonan at 03:10 PM

      1. Answering my own question, I decided to subscribe and I like the magazine. This premier issue was full of information and recipes. Just some of the articles included American caviar and the purveyor "La Petite Pearle" which will be opening in the South End, Carlisle Farmstead Cheese, local migratory fish including stripers, bluefish, and fluke, local ice cream shops in MA, Tufts Azaluna program, and an interesting article on foraging. Recipes accompanying articles included onion, fennel, and beet tartin with Great Hill blue cream, striped bass with clam and garlic sauce, and sliced Heirloom tomatoes with walnut tabouleh. There were also lists of farmer's markets and festivals and events. I especially liked the handy list of what's available locally for produce and seafood for the months of July, August, and September.