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Jun 30, 2006 09:06 PM

Beer Garden at New Otani in J-Town

Has anyone been? Is it good? Is it a cook on the table-top kind of thing? Expensive?

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  1. Been there last year. Not too expensive and a nice way to spend some time with friends drinking and eating. They set up a hot griddle/grill for you to grill meats and veges.

    1. It's fun and in a relaxing, pretty setting. There's a lots of sake and beer, and their appetizers range from sashimi to red meats.

      1. When I went last year it was: picnic tables, paper napkins, slow service and inedible food all served on a concrete patio out of sight of their Japanese garden.

        1. We were there night before last. I wasn’t going to report on this because it was not quite a chow-discovery. The beer garden is in a patio, on the outskirts, facing away from the Japanese Garden. Zen, it was not. There was a small combo playing not-so-quietly. Electric BBQs were on the tables for you to cook your own orders of about 3 oz. of marinated raw beef or chicken. Rice, salads were extra. But, it was an OK open-air place to join coworkers for a beer or two on a balmy evening.
          Here’s a tip: look for a few choice tables located actually inside the garden, across the foot-bridge, out of the way of the beer garden. It had great possibilities for a semi-secluded place to meet after work, away from the partying crowd. But you may have to walk over to the beer garden to get any table service. Enjoy your drinks there, then walk over to Weller Court for some real food.

          1. I tried it a couple years ago. Sounded like a great idea. A beer garden is the quintessential summertime experience in Japan so I thought it might be nostalgic. It was pretty disappointing. Portions were skimpy relative to the price.