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Jun 30, 2006 08:32 PM

Home Page Negative

Just to add some hopefully helpful feedback...... While I can see the concept behind listing the most recent topics on the home page, it would be helpful if the listing showed the board from which it comes. I just clicked through to a post about places to eat lunch in Orange County [], thinking it might be OC, CA and it was OC, Texas. Just an annoyance but maybe something to maybe add to the 'to do' list.

I would also add myself to the list of people who really miss HotPosts. The overall site is really terrific now, no question, but HotPosts was a convenience I'd like to see return.

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  1. Hey Midlife -

    When I look at the homepage, right underneath the link to the thread there are two links - one for the person that wrote it and one for the board it came from. It looks like this:

    "Last post by krissywats in Feedback: Report Problems"

    Hope that helps!

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    1. re: krissywats

      I see that now, but I don't think it was that way when I posted....... either that, or I had a temporary brain 'you-know-what'. Do you recall seeing the board designation BEFORE reading my post and checking? My therapist would like me to know. ;o)

      1. re: Midlife

        lol - it looked fine from here but that doesn't mean there wasn't a glitch on your side - for instance I can't see the yellow 'new' posts at all. Or, maybe you're crazy.