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Jun 30, 2006 08:24 PM

Bay Area takeout -- what are you eating right now?

I'm plowing through this dry and boring roast beef and bleu cheese sandwich from oakville grocery in SF ... thinking it could, and should, be so much better than it is. Ordinary roast beef, red onions, some greens and a corporate tomato on a decent french roll with a chalky white and pretty tasteless blue cheese spread ... all yours for $11+ delivery by waiters on wheels.

So help me out. My lunch is a bust, but maybe yours wasn't. What'd you have for lunch today, and how was it?

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  1. I'm having wonton noodle soup with BBQ pork from Lee's Deli. I'm getting a bit of a cold or allergy thing going on, so it's mainly just a hot pepper delivery device. Not terribly good, not fantastically bad. It just kinda... is.

    1. Eating a fabulous spread from Wildflower Cafe (on Sacramento) downtown. Soba noodles with bok choy, marinated cabbage salad, fried tofu with peanut sauce, chinese chicken salad, kale salad with carrots, and brown rice salad with broccoli and eggplant. Best salad bar downtown IMHO.

      1. My roommate and I had the day off so we walked up Irving to 9th. Started at Arizmendi for a breadstick -- fantastic as always. We wandered around for a while mulling the options and ended up at Park Gyros since we hadn't been before. Split pita/hummus, dolmas, spicy falafel wrap, and a kadayif. Got it all to go and ate everything on the grass in the botanical garden. The hummus tasted fresh with good herbage and warm pita. The dolmas had a bit of a light yogurt sauce and the rice filling wasn't too mushy (always a plus). The wrap was a good size to split, with pretty good falafel actually.. not too greasy, but dense and flavorful. Could have used some more hot sauce though :). The kadayif was sort of sweet, sticky, and forgettable -- it really needs some Turkish coffee to back it up, but nobody in the hood serves it. Oh well.

        Also - they have a section of 'toasty subs' on the menu, including one called the Atomic Sub. I asked the cashier if they were affiliated with the Submarine Center in Western addition, which serves an Atomic, and he said no, but Google Local lists PG as 'Submarine Center #2'. Anyone had one of the subs?

        1. The first post in this thread makes me appreciate my lunch even more...a $2 Vietnamese sandwich (bahn mi) from BC Deli in Oakland's Chinatown. Big, dense, full of papaya and chili pepper and pork and pate goodness. Of course, the equivalent can probably be found near downtown SF. (edited to add: I've definitely seen a few threads about banh mi near downtown SF...some searching should turn them up)

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            I'd be curious to hear of any good banh mi near 2nd and mission where I work. I think Cafe Tomo might make them, but I doubt it would be for the appropriate banh mi price.

          2. I'm wearing... I mean I'm eating.... WHAT? Oh, I guess you posted this at lunchtime.

            I don't do takeout lunch often, but I've been known to put on my Foster Grants and slink into Yank Sing's takeout area. The "bentos" are not bad value for that part of town, I'll give YS credit for that. Beef boodles from Tea Garden, sometimes. A pricey Cubano from Birley once.