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Jun 30, 2006 08:18 PM

spagetti and meatballs in la

has anyone had any really good spagetti and meatballs in la? where??

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  1. My favorite is Al Gelato. Their meatball is HUGE and well spiced. However, the sauce is a bit on the sweet side (which I love with the meat and bread... others... not so much...)


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      I need to second Dommy. I can't speak for the spaghetti, since I always always get the gnocchi at Al Gelato. The meatball is, as stated, HUGE, which is actually how I've had it served to me in Italy. The sauce is sweet, helped along by the mountains of fennel seeds they put in. Al Gelato fixes me up when I'm missing NYC--or mom's cooking. Pretty good pizza there too. But then maybe you go for the gelato???

    2. The Gelato and PIES... they are outrageous!! :) Also really good soup too and their Tuna Salad Sammich is amazing...

      It's cash only and the owner can be a bit 'cold' but this is really one of my fave places in LA! :)


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      1. re: Dommy

        Wow, that place sounds amazing! I will definitely check it out, thank you. Weird that it's cash only. I like Dan Tana's for spagetti/meatballs - have you ever had it there? Very old school...

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          Never been because I'm not a steak eater... I might have to now because I LOVE Spaghetti and Meatballs! :)



      2. On the other end of the spectrum is the bucatini con polpette at Il Pastaio in BH. Tiny meatballs, but damned good, and a lot easier to eat.

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        1. They've always been just cash only, it's not that expensive but not that cheap either. think on 15 per each order of spahgetti and meatballs or rigatoni and meatballs.

          i think their food is much better than their gelato.

          but as a side note, their toasted coconut gelato with a little whipped cream to ride shotgun is pretty darn good. this is nowhere near exceptioinal gelato, but good. i prefer mc connell's over this stuff (but thean agin mc c's is considered ice cream).

          also, the apple pies here are terrible, way too large, and sickly sweet, other hounds love it.

          and the cheese pizza margherita here, once again has that sweet sauce but this is in my humble opinion one of the best pies in all of LA, better than their meatballs.

          if eating there, bring at least 20-25 per person just in case, oh, and food here is easily sharebable. since the meatballs are so huge and the pizzas can be split (i like to eat the whole small pies, but they are not exactly individual servings).

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          1. re: kevin

            Another little quirk... they do have a split charge when eating in (That is why I take most of mine to go)... it's minor... so definatly order more than one thing when eating in... :/


          2. i really like the spaghetti & meatballs at dan tanas, matteo's and (shocker) daily grill.

            all three have their own different atmosphere. dan tana's is more clubby/hip; matteo's (on westwood blvd.) is more old school dark. daily grill is a chain and family friendly.