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Kosher Version of Nathan's Hot Dogs

I saw an ad for a Kosher version of Nathan's Famous hotdogs advertised in this week's edition of the New York Jewish Week. Does anyone know any further info.

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  1. The Food Emporium on 3AV and E 68 Street sells them in the Kosher deli section, along with Hebrew National, Miller's cheese, Vita appetizing, and Empire products. I don't think they are glatt- they are probably triangle K. I prefer Abeles and Heymann franks.

    1. I saw these in a SuperFresh outside of Washington D.C. that rarely has any kosher meat except Hebrew National hot dogs and salami.

      There was a hecksher on the package but I didn't scrutinize to see what it was. The packages (I think eight per package) were 2 for $6, but Hebrew Nationals were $1.99 so I held off on the Nathan's.



      1. Is there still a kosher nathans restaurant in Flatbush?

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          It's closed, but I've been told that there's one on the West Coast.

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            Per the Nathan's website, there is a listing for LA Kosher under locations. The address is the same as for Nagilla Pizza, but I'm not sure which is most current.



            LA Kosher
            9216 West Pico Blvd.
            Los Angeles
            (310) 273-0303

            Nagilla Pizza
            9216 West Pico Blvd.

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              The excellent (albeit grungy) Nathan's on Pico is indeed open. My family and I ate there just last week and drove past it last night, and it appeared to be many families' choice for their July 4th franks, burgers, chicken and ribs. The restaurant can be found at the address in KOK's post above. (The Nagilla address in that post is the one that is incorrect.)

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            The Nathan's in Flatbush was replaced by Estihana Express.

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              In my former life I used to eat at Nathans in Coney Island twice a week. after turning frum and not having had a Nathan's hotdog in 25 years I finally made it over to the Kosher Nathans on Kings Hwy. I took one bite of a hotdog and in a loud voice said "this is not a Nathan's hotdog" and promptly threw the rest of it in the garbage, never to return.

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                That place they called Nathan's was open for may be 2 months tops. The quality was extremely poor!

                Estihana express was a better replacement. But, not by much.

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                  But the kosher Nathan's in LA is still going strong. Go figure.

                  The Subway in LA that was to open "in the summer" has yet to do so, and is rapidly running out of summer...

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                    Don't worry, you are not missing much. The meat at subway is like rubber. I'm definately not impressed with the attempt at kosher Subway.

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              the one in bklyn closed, however there is one in la on pico about 2 blocks from robertson

            3. The hechsher is approved by the cRc (Chicago) which is about as strong an endorsement as there is, but cRc notes that not all meat is glatt. Of course, glatt is not a requirement for most communities, particularly ashkenaz, although it has by default become the accepted standard.

              I have looked but have not yet found this product locally (Teaneck NJ) but am looking forward to it since Nathan's makes the best hot dogs. Also the best fries (which are available frozen, though it is the cooking process that makes them so good--hard to do at home). I also liked Best Kosher and Hebrew National dogs, though they sadly no longer make reliably kosher or glatt kosher versions (they did at one time).

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                I don't believe that the Nathan's fries have any supervision on the package.

              2. Natahn's Fries are Kosher- they have OU supervision, at least the ones in New York City. To mrogovin, I would recommend buying Abeles and Heymann franks- they really are the best glatt frank available. Shop Rite on Avenue I in Brooklyn has them in the Kosher deli case.

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                  Which Nathan's fries are you talking about? I have looked at the frozen packages in the supermarket and have never seen an OU. I also just checked the OU website and while they have a number of Nathan's products with supervision, the fries are not among those listed.

                2. I did not check the fries package for a hechsher so am not sure.
                  I have A&H hot dogs. They are OK. I miss HN, Best and Nathans. I guess it depends on what you grew up with. Glatt is not the issue for me, though reliable supervision is. I am hoping the Nathans kosher, if I can ever find them, are true to the name.

                  1. Hebrew National franks aren't what they used to be. Natahns Kosher are under UMK Supervision; I see them at the Food Emporium on 3Av and 68 Street, but I would think that stores in Manhattan such as the Food Emporium would carry them.

                    1. It is not going to be easy to find the Kosher Nathan's franks in Kosher supervised stores since many of these stores in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Five Towns only carry Glatt Kosher meat. Perhaps some of the chain stores in these areas like Waldbaum's, Stop & Shop, Shop Rite, etc. will carry the Nathan's Kosher Franks if there is enough demand from customers.

                      1. When Hebrew National was in NYC they used all kinds of kosher meat, from all the slaughter houses, so their meat was no better than anyone else. Their spices were from a local purveyor who also sold mixes to other sausage makers.... unless they had a unique blend (which the spice guy denied when I bought spices from him for home use)..... how much better could they be? Perhaps it is just the method of production which gives adifferent finish, who knows....

                        1. I tried the Kosher Nathan's hotdogs on Sunday night. They were delicious. FYI they are on sale this week at King Kullen in New York. I don't remember the price, but it was the same as the non Kosher variety of Nathan's hotdogs. Isn't it interesting how Kosher meat prices can sometimes be the same as non Kosher meat? By the way, they are under strict Kosher supervision, but they are not Glatt Kosher.

                          1. The Nathan's Kosher dogs are available at PathMark, for those of you in the NY metro area..

                            1. Best Kosher hot dogs around in my opinion.

                              1. Has anyone seen the Kosher version of Nathan's in the DC area?

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                                  Does anyone know the menu at the kosher nathans? I can't seem to find it online....

                                2. For the person in teaneck, the shoprite on Route 4 in Paramus has nathans kosher hot dogs in the kosher aisle. But they are not glatt. the frozen nathan's fries their do not have any hechsher.

                                  1. they are AARONS not glatt----zelinggold of st. paul-umk hashgacha