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Jun 30, 2006 08:05 PM

San Mateo recommendations (santa ramen)

Getting out of oakland to go to Santa Ramen. Any suggestions on ordering? Any other places for grub in the area please? All price ranges, I just want the good stuff.

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  1. Tonkotsu ramen is pretty much all I get there (Santa), the broth very rich and has the best mouth feel. I also really like the buttery clam ramen and agedashi tofu at Himawari, which is always easier to get in to, has a more extensive menu, and cute inside.

    My ramen list-

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    1. re: Candice

      Hope I'm not being annoying, but it's "tonkotsu."

      豚 = pork (ton)
      骨 = bones (kotsu)

      tonkatsu = pork cutlet (豚カツ)

      豚 = pork (ton)
      カツ = cutlet (katsu)

      katsu is an abbreviation for "katsuretsu" (カツレツ) which is the japanized form of the english word "cutlet."

      actually, i guess "cutlet" was adopted from the french? okay, now i just confused myself.

      oh, one more thing. "karaage." the "kara" referring to T'ang China and the "age" meaning "fried."

      1. re: umetaro

        Yeah, sorry about the typo. I'm familiar with the correct spellings if you look at my link. Thanks though, C-

    2. Easily the tonkostu ramen. Get the stewed pork if available. If you go at dinner, get the chicken karaage. Otherwise, I'd take a pass on it during lunch. I suspect it's refried.

      1. I've tried everything on the menu atleast once. I think the soy sauce flavor is under rated. Try the soy with roasted seaweed or stewed pork.

        1. some of their bowls are heavy on the bean sprouts. if you aren't into that, specify.

          i also like the karaage, even at lunch, and would be surprised if they refried it. it comes with good gohan (steamed rice) and they run out.

          1. Curry ramen is my absolute favorite there, and I think it is a soy sauce based broth.

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              Yes, the curry ramen is based on the soy sauce broth. The soy sauce ramens are my favorite at Santa, especially the one with Napa cabbage. Here's a link to my post on the curry ramen.

              Curry ramen post -

              Curry ramen photo -