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Jun 30, 2006 08:03 PM

Local Strawberries?

It's been a horrible season. I scored some at the Union Square farmers market a couple of weeks ago. Steep at $3.50 (nearer to Formaggio prices). Whole Foods even had some local berries this weekend, but they didn't *smell* like local, fresh berries.

Does anyone have recent experience to make a recommendation?

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  1. Just saw some beautiful ones at the harvard square farmers market today - they were really nice - about $3/pint; $5/quart. There were also some really nice raspberries there.

    1. The farmers' market at Copley had some last week, they were very tasty, if on the tart side. They were also pricey ($5 for a quart-I think).

      1. I picked some at Land Sake in Weston a week and a half ago, but when I went yesterday they said their season was done. The weather's been awful for them.

        1. I got some at Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon two weeks ago. They were phenomenal but $5.00 a quart. That said, the quart was overflowing.

          1. my cronies and i picked SIXTEEN quarts of gorgeous berries at russell orchards in ipswich 2 weekends ago. $2.50 per quart. not sure how the fields are looking to call ahead and ask.

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              For future reference(and I plan to hit Russell Farm for raspberries), do you have to provide containers? TIA

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                FYI, according to their website, the strawberry picking season has now ended at Russell Farm.