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Jun 30, 2006 07:54 PM

Has Ruen Pair in Albany slipped?

We've ordered Ruen Pair twice since they returned from their month long vacation and it has not been as good as in the past either time. In the past it was very consistently very good. Last night the sausage was mealy and the mango with sticky rice used an over-ripe, mushy mango and the sticky rice lacked flavor. Even the soup tasted a bit off.

Have we jsut experienced a couple of freak off nights or have their been more impactful changes that is causing them to sleep.

Also, where did Pasta Pacifico move to? We miss it and though it was nearby we'd like to find it again.

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  1. 1250 Addison St. Suite 109 is where phoenix pastificio moved. No cafe but pasta and bread.

    1. You can also find Pasta Pacifico at the Berkeley Farmers Markets. Sad about the closing of the cafe...

      1. I can't really say whether or not Ruen Pair has slipped... since I just went for the first time tonight.

        I thought it was phenomenal! Best Thai I have ever had. Went with my bf and we got the green papaya salad (wow), pad ka prow roasted duck, and sweet and spicy vegetarian green curry. Terrific, flavorful heat. The medium-hot knocked my socks off (in a good way), equivalent to super spicy at most other Thai restaurants around town. Can't wait to go with a bigger party so we can try more dishes.

        Hope it remains this amazing, and you just experienced a fluke.

        1. I went to Ruen Pair tonight, and I'm happy to report that we had a nice meal. I particularly liked the fried morning glory. I've tried to order it several times in the past, but they've always been out of it. Success makes everything taste better :) The papaya salad (love the lime peel) and sticky rice with mango was as I remembered it.

          The only thing I noticed that the food was not as spicy as it normally is. We ordered medium and it seemed more like their mild.

          Hopefully you just had an off night.