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Going on a road Trip through thr South

Hey everybody, I'm going on a road trip and I need advie on where to eat on the way. I'm starting off going through Little Rock around Lunch time, then going to Memphis for a day, down through Jackson,Vicksburg and stayin the night in Natchez. Next we head to New Orleans but I went to school there for a couple of years so I already have where I want to eat there planned out. Then going up to Baton Rouge for a day then I finish off in Austin, TX where I will be for three days and a subsequent 2 years so I could use as many Austin recomendations as possible. Thanks a lot! Everyone have a Happy 4th of July!

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  1. Prejeans in Lafayette, LA is a great place. Highly recommend it and best of all it is just off of I-10. Different from New Orleans, which is more creole. This is a cajun joint. Nice place with a family atmosphere. Can't beat the food.


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      Yeah I've actually been there it is REALLY good!

    2. If you like BBQ, Whole Hog Cafe in Little Rock is hard to beat anywhere in this country.


      1. Two of my favorite places for lunch in Jackson are Broadstreet Bakery (great sandwiches, salads, breads, desserts) and Scrooges (meat and veggies).

        1. If your schedule allows for a meal between Little Rock and Memphis - exit 202 on I-40 - is Biscoe, which is two miles south of the interstate. Take a left in Biscoe and go two mile east on the US highway. Just before the Cache River is a gravel road to the right (south) and about 300 yards down it is excellent fried catfish. They are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only - for both lunch and dinner. You dine on a covered pier on the river with views of the river on three sides. Very casual, very inexpensive, very good.

          1. When in Memphis you need to go to the Rendezvous. www.pigsfly.com It's a Memphis icon and my wife's favourite place. She took me there first on my first trip to Memphis.
            Corky's is good as well.


            1. No offense DT, but those are the two most hyped BBQ places in Memphis and they aren't nearly the best, just simply OK. Rendezvous is good for its ambiance and history, not the BBQ. Corky's could be anywhere in the USA.

              Go to Payne's (Lamar near Midtown) for a BBQ chopped pork sandwich (extra sauce and slaw), Cozy Corner (N. of Downtown) for BBQ cornish hen, ribs or anything really and also A&R (Elvis Presley Blvd on the way to Graceland if you care) is AMAZING.

              1. And if you aren't into BBQ, let me know and I will give you some other places to check out. The first being Soul Fish...of which I have not been, but people I trust are raving about their fried catfish and Cuban sandwiches. Ellen's Soul Food on South Parkway is a fantastic place too.

                1. I just ate at Soul Fish two nights ago and had great service, delicious catfish, and ice cold beer. What more could you want from a casual dining experience? I will go back again and again for a quick, relaxed meal!

                  My favorite BBQ in Memphis is Central BBQ; Much preferred to the touristy Corky's and Rendevous. Also, Rendevous is not worth the 2 hour wait you usually have to endure. Corky's does have usually have pretty good service.

                  1. If while in Little Rock you're in the mood for a lighter lunch than BBQ, try Brave New Restaurant (http://www.bravenewrestaurant.com). One of my mom's favs in the area.