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Jun 30, 2006 07:40 PM

Rec's near the Four Star Theater, 23rd? & Clement, Richmond District, SF

Have to take in a very late show to see District B13. I need to eat beforehand!

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  1. There's lots of options within 2 blocks.

    Bill's Place is always reliable for a burger.
    Mescolanza is a charming small Italian restaurant. It can get busy on weekends. Good pasta - dull wine list.
    Patpong Thai is at 24th and Clement. They do more take out than dine in so you can always get a table. I like the corn fritter appetizer and the salmon and garlic main.

    1. On 23rd at California there is Pizetta 211. My favorite pizza in SF, above A16 and Delfina. MUCH has been said on this board about Pizetta so I won't go into too much detail. But, I alsways order a margherita and one of the special pizzas (clam pie, if they've got it). Love to start with that cheese salad (not as wierd as it sounds...great cheeses with salad along side). And their desserts are always delicious, too. Had a Apricot Upsidedown Cake that was heavenly.


      1. Aziza on Geary at 22nd Ave if you want something fancier. I like Pizzetta 211 and Mescolanza too. The one time I tried Patpong (delivery), it was not very good, so I wouldn't recommend that place.

        1. Aziza (Geary and 22nd)- Morrocan by way of Cali.

          Pizzetta 211 (California and 23rd)- Napels-style pizza by way of Cali.

          Ton Kiang (Geary and 23rd)- some of the best dim sum in the city

          1. Give yourself plenty of time if you choose Pizzetta 211 or Aziza.