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Jun 30, 2006 07:35 PM

Good food in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill with an outdoor space?

Any ideas?

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  1. Joya - a Thai restaurant with a garden out back
    Little Bistro - Has a few tables up front by the street
    Grocery - Has a garden out back
    Robin Du Bois - Has a garden out back
    Chestnut - *might* have a garden
    Frankie's 457 Spuntino - Has a garden

    And I'm sure I'm missing a host of other places on Smith St.

    1. Additionally:
      Chestnut has a back outdoor space. Ate there 2 nights ago.
      Savoia has some tables in front.
      The Cuban place across the street opens its entire front.
      Coco Roco has an outdoor back area.
      The place on the corner of Smith/Union has a large outdoor area
      The place on Court (and around 2nd St?) has a large outdoors
      I think Chance has some outdoor tables around the side
      Patois has a nice back area
      The Indian restaurant next to Patois has one also.
      Sample has outdoor space in back.

      The food is great at Chestnut and we like Savoia a lot for pizzas & salads.

      1. Hard to add anything to this long list, but:

        Taku -- excellent Japanese on Smith with a spare but roomy back garden
        Osaka -- serviceable sushi on Court with back garden
        Hill Diner -- food ehh, garden in back
        Alma -- way over on Columbia, but of course they have the roof deck and margaritas
        Crave -- two little sidewalk tables on Henry, but the food is good
        Le Petit Cafe -- the prettiest garden of them all, better for brunch
        Fragole -- homey Italian, a good bargain, with a little garden in back
        Pacifico/Trout -- terrible Mexican food, but the outdoor area is fun and festive

        1. just ate an early meal at Frankie's. nice, wide open garden with plenty of space between tables. food is really good and the carafe of house wine is a steal. Pit Stop over on Columbia and Kane has a great back yard with petanque Bouillabase on Union/Columbia also has a pretty garden. Jolie and Bacchus, both decent French fare on Atlantic Ave also have gardens. take your pick.

          1. Bar Tabac has sidewalk dining.
            Apt 138 has a back garden.
            Jolie has a back garden.

            I think what we're all getting at is virtually everyone in cobble hill has some version of outdoor dining. Would be easier to list the ones that don't! :)