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Jun 30, 2006 07:28 PM

Weekday Breakfast on Rivington?

I just noticed that a few places on Rivington serve weekday breakfasts including Schillers, Naked Earth and some others whose names I can't recall.

Can anyone recommend any of these places for those weekdays when I don't feel like Clinton Street Baking Co.

Looking for any types of dish (eggs, good bacon, better coffee, pancakes, french toast, something new to try)


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  1. It's not on Rivington (yet not too far away), but you can always check out Cafe Habana (17 Prince Street, at Elizabeth Street). It can get somewhat packed during the afternoon, but the food is excellent! Happy Eating!

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    1. Check out Falai's on Clinton St. near Rivington. They have great pastries and breads. For more substantial fare, you can go to Clinton St. Bakery.

      1. Schillers brunch is very good. Good drinks/bar, bread selection from Balthazar is great. The Eggs Hussard has been damaging to my ability to enjoy other brunches.