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Jun 30, 2006 07:26 PM

Great Hot Sauce: El Yucateco

We found this at a local taqueria and ordered on line - it is a Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero. It's got good heat, but very flavorful and aromatic. When you shake a few drops on something hot, the smell it releases is wonderful - just like habanero's roasting. We like the green rather than the red (both are habanero).

Here's a mail order source:

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  1. My favorite! I love the red, it's a bit more heat that fruity, but I find it cuts through the rich flavors of taco fillings or soups better than the green! :)


    1. it is a great hot sauce. i also like the red and green chile versions. i first tried them at my grandmother's house in a tiny town in texas. after purchasing a couple bottles and packing them in my suitcase, ironically, i did find the brand at one of our larger chain stores back home here in the los angeles area. (that always happens to me. i did the same thing with seattle's best coffee in seattle years and years ago and also with pg tips tea.) and one version or another is definitely available at the hispanic markets here in la.

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        Please -- you'll save me a lot of searching! -- where did you find it in the LA area? Which "larger chain store" carries it? Thanks!!!

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          I think you can find it at Vons, however, go to the Mexican Specialty foods sections, not with the rest of the Salsas. The last bottle I got was from Taqueria Sanchez on Inglewood and Culver in Culver City. I normally get them however, from La Flor de Yucatan Bakery in L.A. on Hoover and Washington.


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   have offered SEVERAL options...easy!

      2. They have the Green and the Red at Albertson's on Washington in Culver City at Lincoln. Also at Palms Market on Motor just North of Venice. My favorite is the XXX of this brand. It is pure heat and I use it alot to heat up a sauce that I have made that I think needs a bit more kick. I have only seen that online. It is over 11,000 scoville.

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        1. i noticed that this hot sauce is produced in the state capital of sonora, hermosillo. i love it too...i just wonder how it stacks up against the stuff from the yucatan peninsula.

          i recall - from somewhere - that there is where one can find fields upon fields of the beloved habanero.

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            Interesting!! I'm Yucatecan and El Yucateco IS the most popular hot sauce there (The red being most common). We're like the Texas of Mexico, VERY proud people of our region and have lots of products that happily proclaim themselves "100% Producto Yucateco!" like our beloved Charitos. So just took at my own bottle of red and it does say made in Merida, Yucatan (Whew!!!! ;)) Are you taking a look at the red or the green?

            Here's their cool website higlighting the company and products:



          2. That is one of my favorites as well. I first got it, in all places, in a duty free store and was pleasantly surprised how good it was. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it in any stores around here recently. I need to find it.