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Jun 30, 2006 06:53 PM

New in Point Richmond -- any good eating here?

Hi folks, just moved to Point Richmond from Chicago, and wondering how the dozen or so restaurants here rate. Any feedback much appreciated!

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  1. Hidden City Cafe is great for breakfast, one of the best places anywhere in the area.

    1. Hidden City Cafe is great for breakfast. The Baltic if it re-opened is good. That little hamburger place on the other side of the tunnel was ok but it's been a while.
      And of course the Hotel Mac is good. I would go to them all. I doubt you have ten places so why not. After that come over to Marin for TONS of great places. Good luck.
      I assume you've seen this....

      1. I remember a thread on Pt. Richmond not too long ago - this would be a good starting point at least:

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          Thanks, josquared...pretty comprehensive and helpful thread.

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            Hi ptrichmondmike. Hope you will be giving updates on Point Richmond. Most of the places I tried were in that thread josquared linked to are about a year old ... though things don't move rapidly in Pt Richond. Great little town, wish I lived there. You gotta get out the the beach. I might go to see if it is a good spot for fireworks. Might be too far away,

            As mentioned, Hidden City Cafe is the leader in this area. Hotel Mac is interesting too. Just across the bridge is a good supermarket called Mollie Stones (have to pay a toll though). There's a great Italian Bakery, Stella Pastry in that same plaza.

            In the other direction, There's a lot of inexpensive Mexican on 23rd. There's a great raspado lady on the corner of 23rd and MACDonald. MACDONALD has a few interesting spots and there is a great Brazilian snack shop in back of Angelo's Deli on MacDonald and San Pablo.

            Nearest large and good supermarkets are on San Pablo Dam Road. A little bit of a drive up San Pablo. There's Albertson's and Raley's, my favorite. In the area of Raley's there are a ton of great restaurants.

            It is a little late, but I'll bookmark this and put some other useful links for you either tommorrow or Sunday.

            Looking forward to your reports. Welcome to the San Francisco Board and the Bay Area.

        2. We've had some great dinners at Hotel Mac. They use to have a lobster speical one night that was really good.

          1. I work in Pt. Richmond and can't really recommend anything. The taqueria used to be OK, but seems to have slipped lately. The past couple of lunches at Hidden City have been average. My one experience at the deli was bad.

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              What was wrong with the taqueria (Rosamaria's?) this was a dead reliable place when I worked close by.

              Edibles for the Rueben sandwich, Rosamaria's for the soups, Great American Hamburger for the burgers.

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                I haven't had a chance to stop by, but it seems some changes are going on in 25 West. Any updates?

                Yeah, I'm with you on Edibles. I liked Red Pepper for Chinese. Still haven't made it to Cafe Altura yet. The hours have always been wrong for me.