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New in Point Richmond -- any good eating here?

Hi folks, just moved to Point Richmond from Chicago, and wondering how the dozen or so restaurants here rate. Any feedback much appreciated!

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  1. Hidden City Cafe is great for breakfast, one of the best places anywhere in the area.

    1. Hidden City Cafe is great for breakfast. The Baltic if it re-opened is good. That little hamburger place on the other side of the tunnel was ok but it's been a while.
      And of course the Hotel Mac is good. I would go to them all. I doubt you have ten places so why not. After that come over to Marin for TONS of great places. Good luck.
      I assume you've seen this....

      1. I remember a thread on Pt. Richmond not too long ago - this would be a good starting point at least:


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          Thanks, josquared...pretty comprehensive and helpful thread.

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            Hi ptrichmondmike. Hope you will be giving updates on Point Richmond. Most of the places I tried were in that thread josquared linked to are about a year old ... though things don't move rapidly in Pt Richond. Great little town, wish I lived there. You gotta get out the the beach. I might go to see if it is a good spot for fireworks. Might be too far away,

            As mentioned, Hidden City Cafe is the leader in this area. Hotel Mac is interesting too. Just across the bridge is a good supermarket called Mollie Stones (have to pay a toll though). There's a great Italian Bakery, Stella Pastry in that same plaza.

            In the other direction, There's a lot of inexpensive Mexican on 23rd. There's a great raspado lady on the corner of 23rd and MACDonald. MACDONALD has a few interesting spots and there is a great Brazilian snack shop in back of Angelo's Deli on MacDonald and San Pablo.

            Nearest large and good supermarkets are on San Pablo Dam Road. A little bit of a drive up San Pablo. There's Albertson's and Raley's, my favorite. In the area of Raley's there are a ton of great restaurants.

            It is a little late, but I'll bookmark this and put some other useful links for you either tommorrow or Sunday.

            Looking forward to your reports. Welcome to the San Francisco Board and the Bay Area.

        2. We've had some great dinners at Hotel Mac. They use to have a lobster speical one night that was really good.

          1. I work in Pt. Richmond and can't really recommend anything. The taqueria used to be OK, but seems to have slipped lately. The past couple of lunches at Hidden City have been average. My one experience at the deli was bad.

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              What was wrong with the taqueria (Rosamaria's?) this was a dead reliable place when I worked close by.

              Edibles for the Rueben sandwich, Rosamaria's for the soups, Great American Hamburger for the burgers.

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                I haven't had a chance to stop by, but it seems some changes are going on in 25 West. Any updates?

                Yeah, I'm with you on Edibles. I liked Red Pepper for Chinese. Still haven't made it to Cafe Altura yet. The hours have always been wrong for me.

              2. Well, after six months here in Pt Richmond I can say this about our little restaurant community: some very good, some not good at all.

                The best: yes, Hidden City Cafe...they cook my favorite breakfast, Eggs Benedict, to sheer perfection. Very good burgers, excellent specials all the time, and tasty vegie stuff for my friends who like that sort of thing. Nice desserts and affordable wine list. Pleasant atmosphere, too.

                The worst: Little Louie's, though I've only been there for breakfast twice. Their Eggs Benedict are just awful. Horrible!

                Best Chinese: Red Pepper...a vast and diverse menu. Not outstanding, but quite decent. They must do a lot of take out business, because there's almost never anyone eating in this sizeable space.

                Other favorite: Edibles...this is the place to go if you want to get fat, because the portions of yummy breakfasts and lunches are huge. And the nice German lady who owns the place is very persuasive that fat is good for you.

                Extreme Pizza pretty good, for a chain.

                Little China: okay, but nothing special. Think Grant Avenue...

                Suzhou: beautiful ambience; disappointing, overpriced Chinese food. I didn't sample the Japanese menu. And you have to PAY extra for tea!

                Great American Burger: fine for what it is, an ordinary burger joint.

                Rosamaria's: "healthy" Mex like you find in a suburban mall. Not bad, just not exciting.

                Spot Liquor has tasty Polish, Cajun dogs.

                For home cooking, the two little markets do nicely. Santa Fe Market is larger, and has better produce and a great little meat section. Pt. Richmond Market increasingly specializes in imported gourmet items and has a small but good deli. Both markets carry all the usual artisan breads and a good selection of wines.

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                  Thanks for the update. Didn't try the dogs at Spot Liquor because at the time they had that 7-11 look to them. Will have to give them a try.

                  Have you tried the Baltic? I tried them last year when they opened and wasn't very impressed.

                  Did you ever get over to Galley Cafe? There was a nice little review about them in one of the local magazines and I've been meaning to get over there again.

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                    Haven't yet been to a few places: the Baltic, the Hotel Mac, Kao Sarn, Cafe Altura...is that it? I don't know the Galley Cafe -- where is it?

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                      Eh, I meant All's Fare. Galley Cafe is a guy scrambling up some eggs, but if you haven't been over the hill to Pt. Molate it is an interesting drive in warm weather, but not a food destination as far as I could see ... more grab a burger before taking your boat out.

                      All's Fare is in Brickyard Cove and has an outdoor deck. If you sit in the right place, you get a water view. There's also a water view from inside.

                      Seems like my post about it didn't make it over. It is nothing fancy. IIRC, I had some house-made soup that was good.

                      They don't serve farmed fish and they try to serve the freshest seasonal food ... but it is simple stuff ... that might mean fresh fish and whatever veggie is in season. If you don't see it on the menu and they have the ingrediants, they will make it for you. It is more of a place to sit around on a warm day on the deck. They are open breakfast and lunch but have some sort of wierd hours because I kept missing them ... also drove by a few times because they are set back from the road. Mainly sandwiches and simple breakfast dishes.

                      All's Fare
                      1210 Brickyard Cove
                      (510) 232-1500

                  2. re: ptrichmondmike

                    I've lived in the Point for years, and I have definite opinions:

                    Kao Sarn (Thai): the most consistently tasty and free of bad server attitude. Try the ginger salmon. The best in the Point.

                    Hotel Mac: Haven't been there in years. I'd take my mother there because she'd taste the food and say, "Mmm, this is gourmet!"

                    Baltic: Top-notch burgers.

                    Hidden City: Best breakfast and good lunch, but most of the waiters have had such stinky attitudes I've avoided the place. For example, a man in the next booth asked whether a special came with something or other. The waiter answered, "Does it say so on the menu board?"

                    Great American Hamburger: very good for what they try to do, which is plain old American run-of-the-mill hamburgers. Everything's been fresh and tasty when I've gone there, but you don't go for your health.

                    Edibles: whoever said here that the German lady who runs it is great at convincing you that fat is good for you is right on the money. She does! She's also been known to say, "Now don't you need a good German beer to wash that down with?" When she relays your order to the cook, she often says something like, "Una grande chicken and dumplings for my amigo here." I would go just for the personality alone, by far the best one among Point restaurateurs. The food is good, too. Try the chicken and dumplings (Thursdays), the pork chops, and the soup.

                    Rosamaria's Taqueria: So-so food cannot match the almost complete lack of taste in decorating. What's with the butt-retro paintings??

                    25 West: Changing, apparently. It started out doing sushi, but lately has begun advertising Italian-American cuisine--but it's open for breakfast and lunch only, not exactly the meals I'd hope to enjoy Italian food. For breakfast, I've seen a sign for bagel and coffee, and the menu mentions Brazilian food. Is this ethnic diversity or just confusion?

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                      I had lunch at Hidden City for the first time last week. It was a perfectly fine (nothing exceptional) lunch. Service was acceptable. I'd go back if in the area.

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                        Hey, thanks Cannolo for pointing out the good things to eat in Point Richmond. Yeah, I noticed 25 West seemed to be changing. I'm going to have to re-visit and scope out the Brazilian on the menu.

                        What do you think of the pies at Great American Hamburger? Any favorites?

                        They have a relatively new server who has been the best of anyone there, but it has been hit and miss, service-wise over the years.

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                          Sorry, rworange, I've never had pie at Great American Hamburger.

                        2. re: Cannolo

                          I haven't experienced bad attitude from the Hidden City servers. But I have eaten a couple of rather mediocre lunches there recently, and didn't appreciate what I paid for them. Breakfast, though, remains unsurpassed in the Point, at least in taste. See below.

                          More on Edibles and its ebullient hausfrau -- it has gotten ridiculous. Now that I'm a semi-regular, the portions have gotten even bigger. Last Saturday, I stopped in for breakfast and ordered my usual, the "Eye Opener" -- two eggs, a huge pile of wet German style potatoes (I'd prefer homefries, but this is what they serve), sausage and bacon. At $6.95, this is a real bargain which contains enough calories, I'm sure, to serve as an adequate meal for the whole day for penurious seniors on a fixed income (remember to take vitamins!).

                          Well, excuse me...eight strips of bacon and five link sausages??? Even a pork fanatic like me was hard put to finish it all. But I did. The walk up the hill to home was a real chore. But if you quail before the groaning board, there's our friendly owner urging you to "fill out, you have so much room!"

                          Still haven't gotten to Kao Sarn, but will have lunch there this Thursday.

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                            An FYI, The Baltic Pub closed (I believe) end of June. They had a "gone for vacation" sign supposedly for two weeks, but they never reopened. Have heard rumors about the owners being in litigation, but that is story for a different board.

                            25 West. When they changed hands it went from Sushi/Korean/American to Italian-American and Brazilian food. (I don't find the combination that unusual - Berkeley has Nino's Brazilian Restaurant & Pizzeria, and there is/was a place in El Sobrante that served pizza and Peruvian food.) Had one of their Brazilian lunch specials one day (seasoned grilled boneless chicken breast served with rice and a small green salad). I don't know much about Brazilian cooking but it was tasty. I think they offer Feijoada on Saturdays, do not seem to be open on Sunday.

                            Kao Sarn continues to be my first option and I can use as much of the chili flakes as my heart desires.

                            Hotel Mac: Recently had a grilled catfish taco served with side of jalapeno or serrano cream. Not bad, not bad at all. Went well with their mojitos.

                            Santa Fe Market. The market was taken over by new owners on April 1st. They've added more organic produce and have rearranged some of the aisles, but it's just not the same anymore. They may just need more time to get it together.

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                              About Santa Fe Market, I'd say have patience. The place was in bad shape, with spotty inventory and a lot of very old, grandfathered equipment. The new owners are working on it, and I see progress every day. As busy as they are, they seem receptive to suggestions. They always have a genuinely sweet, enthusiastic attitude. This place is going to sparkle someday.

                              1. re: Cannolo

                                It's mid-February 2008, and patience is still necessary. After being closed for a month or so for remodeling last fall, SF Market is still not operating at full capacity. Yes, it's now a bit roomier, but lots of variety was lost to make space. And a third of their refrigerated cases are still empty.

                                On the plus side, they now have the meat counter almost back to where Bob and Marie had it, but, sadly, they no longer sell bones for dogs to chew on.

                                The owners are very friendly, though -- and perhaps indicative of an increasing Latino element in Pt. Richmond...I've noticed a lot more folks are parking on sidewalks. It would be nice if that resulted in a decent Mexican restaurant, or even a quality taco truck.

                                1. re: ptrichmondmike

                                  Santa Fe's owner's also bought Magnini Poultry in Berkeley last year ... maybe too many things to juggle at once?

                                  So ... you're not so new anymore ... what are your current impressions Point Richmand eats?

                                  Have you tried the Brazilian food yet at 25 West especially the weekend feijoada?

                                  Point Richmond food

                                  1. re: rworange

                                    Well, RW, since you posted this more than a year ago, perhaps it's time for my reply...

                                    Yes, I have had the feijoada at 25 West -- it is excellent (pork is my fave in all its forms).

                                    BUT, re. 25 West: DO NOT ORDER A BURGER! I made that mistake, and I'm still shuddering. It's not easy to make a really revolting burger, but they manage. The problem: the cooked beef comes out in a strangely flattened oval with an odd "smooth" texture and the color of uncooked liver. Yuck! I thought the White Castle sliders in Chicago were the bottom of the barrel, but they are pure culinary pleasure compared to this.

                                  2. re: ptrichmondmike

                                    The produce @ Santa Fe Market is infinitely better than when Bob & Marie had it. Produce was almost an afterthought with them. Since the new owner's spent 17 - 18 years @ Monterey Mkt. they really know produce.

                                    1. re: rfneid

                                      Nice to know. This is closer to me than Montery Market or Berkeley Bowl.

                                      1. re: rworange

                                        I wouldn't in any way compare produce @ Santa Fe Market to the produce @ Monterey Market. It's just that the new owner's @ Santa Fe have greatly improved the produce. Still a small selection, but higher quality & fresher than before.

                                2. re: AntarcticWidow

                                  Hey thanks. I missed this post. I'll have to check out the Brazilian place.