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Jun 30, 2006 06:38 PM

Toronto coming into town..

HI, wife and I are staying for 5 days wondering if you could give me a list of top restaurants to try. Any style of food would be great looking to spend $100 for 2 no wine.


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    1. Myth, Aziza, Zuni, Boulevard, Slanted Door, Nopa, Coi, Aqua, Winterland, Firefly, Luella, The Richmond, all extensively covered on this board.

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        1. There are TONS of restaurants in SF where you can eat well for 100 bucks for 2 with no wine. however a few truly rise above the rest.

          Zuni is a must. Cal cuisine. only pass this up if you hit Chez Panisse.

          Myth, Winterland, Ame are the board babies and all very good restaurants for great fusion innovative cuisine.

          Incanto or Delfina for Cal-Italian. I prefer Incanto personally.

          Aziza is Cal-Moroccan and just does everything right.

          Bodega Bistro for great Vietnamese, or Slanted Door if you want the Ferry building, upscale crowd, more expensive food treatment.

          I would say Coi is too expensive. I dont think Nopa, Firefly, or Luella are quite on par with the rest and i havent been to the Richmond.