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Jun 30, 2006 06:25 PM

Going to Oola tomorrow night... any more tips?

I found a few helpful posts on the baord already from a while back. Anyone been lately? Are the ribs and fries still the way to go?

Any tips from the Chowhounds much appreciated!

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  1. I like the burger and the chicken and foie ravioli.

    1. I will second the chicken and foie gras ravioli. I was just in for dinner last week and particularly enjoyed their soup du jour which was a tomato and roasted garlic soup. I have had good luck with the lamb daube in the past, but decided to opt for the duck confit and was quite pleased with it as well. For dessert, we eschewed the always pleasing profiteroles in favor of the Pixie tangerine creme brulee which was excellent.

      Finally, Oola's does have a plat du jour as well so check to see what is offered. Last Tuesday's hamburger with foie gras beckoned, I opted to lighten things up with the duck confit ;)

      1. I just wouldnt go to Oola without eating some of their wonderful ribs.
        I havent had bad foie gras there either.
        The ravioli is good too, as suggested.
        And the duck confit one of the better ones in town.

        But still the ribs. It's all about those deep-fried ribs.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            We enjoyed ourselves quite a bit! I had a really tasty cocktail made with scotch, which I generally don't drink. Scotch with ginger syrup and crystalized ginger. It was so tasty, I admit, I had two. :)

            The hostess was very warm and welcoming when we arived (reservations on Open Table.) She seated us at a little table in the back, the corner of booth that housed our table was adjacent a corner of booth that housed a big party, so I was a little concerned that my date and I wouldn't have the kind of experience we were after, but I'll say the ambiance at this place makes leaning in to have to talk a plus! The table wasn't distracting at all. We had:

            The Ribs: These were cooked to perfection! (Yes, I did my research, I know it's all in the fry, but for the crispy tenderness of the meat it's totally fine by me.) The first one was a little salty to me- I tend to undersalt when I cook for myself, so it takes a second to adapt. The sauce was bold and the perfect blend of salty and sweet. The ribs are a must!

            The Burger with Truffle Cheese- The burger was delicious. I really couldn't tell you other details than that it was cooked to perfection (we asked for the rare side of medium rare) and then whole thing was well balanced and definitely made us say, "Damn! That is one tasty burger!"

            Truffled French Fries with Parmeseano- I appreciate that when we ordered we originally asked for a side of these and the server pointed out that they came with the burger and were more than enough for two people. He was right. These were just decadent and delicious. The fries are of the same cut as a fast-food fry, so they are light and crispy, topped with the salty cheese and drizzled with the truffle oil. Even after I was stuffed I powered through another 7 or 8. Finally, I conceded and had the rest packed up to take to my friend who was hosting Karaoke across the street at Annie's Social Club (a great place for live music and karaoke. Try the Devil Doll, made with microbrewed gingerale, lime juice and vodka!)

            Mac and Cheese- I enjoyed this, but ordered without knowing that my date doesn't care for goat cheese. (Can I date someone who doesn't care for goat cheese? Hmmmm...) It was creamy and had a nice crunchy top. Not as decadent as Luna Park's mac and cheese, but I'm glad I tried it. Of everything, this is something I would probably leave off next time.

            The service was fantastic- just attentive enough without being intrusive. The space and ambiance was just what we were looking for in a no-special-occasion, somewhat romantic night out.

            This place has the Smurf seal of approval!

            1. re: Chowsmurf

              Another ginger-lover! Thanks for the report.

              1. re: Chowsmurf

                Nice report, but what I'm interested in is that microwbrewed gingerale you had in the Devil Doll at Annie's. Do you know the name or if anyone else sells it in the area?

            2. I blame all of you. This thread just gave me an overwhelming desire to revisit Oola again for the umpteenth time.

              good wine, good service.

              tried a new (to us) dish of tuna with hearts of palms - lovely bright herby garlicky slightly spicy sweet dressing with overtones of tarragon. umm.

              the ribs (of course) perfect as usual
              the rigatoni with pork shoulder and hedgehog mushrooms
              rich, so so rich, and creamy, but we like it