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Jun 30, 2006 05:29 PM

Chinese Sausage Ideas?

I love the coarse, greasy sweetness of Chinese sausage. I usually---okay, always---grill them and toss in a salad with a fish-sauce/horapa (Thai basil) dressing.

Any other ideas for cooking with these sausages?

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  1. There's tons of possibilities. Slice 'em up and put on top of the rice when you cook rice...slice and use when you stir fry veggies...add to soups....I could go on, but it would start to sound repetitive!

    1. I lay a few on top of rice before I steam it. A lot of the flavor will leech out of the sausage into the rice, and of course the resulting sausage will be steamed and not nicely charcoal grilled. Still, it's something I enjoy once in awhile because it's easy and tasty.

      Grilled sausage cut into cubes is great in fried rice.

      Sliced grilled sausage with raw garlic cloves is delicious. The sweeter the sausage, the better this method is. Make sure your garlic is very very fresh.

      Sausage in savory Chinese sticky rice (yo fan, or "oil rice") is very good, but complicated.

      1. I like sausage as an ingredient in chow mein. My usual ingredients are bbq pork (char siu), sausage, whatever green vegetables look good (choy sum, baby mustard greens, water spinach), perhaps some fresh bamboo shoots, black mushrooms. And noodles, home made or store bought. It's a quick stir-fry because everything except the veggies is already cooked. Final touch is thick soy with a little corn starch in water. Overall it's a little sweet but very tasty.

        That's going to be dinner when I get home tonight.

        1. I like to stir fry the lop cheung thinly sliced with chicken and shitake mushrooms. This is a fast and easy dish but popular with my family!

          1. For a cross-cultural dish, I've made a very tasty risotto with Chinese sausages and basil or cilantro. I've also used it in a similar way with pasta.