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Jun 30, 2006 05:26 PM

Portuguese restaurants

Are there any good Portuguese restaurants in the Philly area or the 'burbs?

We have been to Riccardo's in Huntingdon Valley. It was very good. But, it was more of a pizza place with a few Portguese dishes than an actual Portguese restaurant.

We've also been to a Taste of Portgual in the Northeast. It was really quite good, the food was amazing.The only problem was that me and my husband felt like a novelty. Everyone in the restaurant spoke Portguese or Spanish and it seemed like just regulars went there. The service was very nice, I just felt kind of awkward. I'm very ok with that but if anyone has been there is there special protocol that we should have followed?

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  1. Taste of Portugal is one of the hidden jems in Philly. Very much authentic, often full of locals, and very good.

    No special protocols to follow. Just sit, eat, and feel free to take your time. Gets more crowded the later you go.

    Their Paellha Valenciana and a mixed seafood grill (whose name I forget just now) are very good and big enough for two.

    There are a smattering of Portuguese restaurants in that area, though more toward the bar side of things. Havent tried them yet but will find some names and post.

    1. Now I'm excited about going to Taste of Portugall--tell me where it is! Lived in NE Philly for 30+ years; never heard of it--maybe it's new?

      When I first discovered Pho 75 on Adams Avenue, I was one of the very few non-Asians who ate there. The managers got to know me--they always smiled, and acted very glad to see me. The secret of my being accepted was simple--I never hid the fact that I adored their food.

      That's all you and your husband need to do to "fit in".

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        At the intersection of Adams and Tabor Rd. Behind the McDonalds in the strip mall.

      2. Taste of Portugal is good food. Love their tableside flaming chorizo.
        Another to try is in Riverside, NJ - Serrano. It is on N. Pavilion, near the Delanco bridge. Great Caphorina's(sp?) too.

        1. This place sounds great and, even better, it's near where I live! There are so few good places in eastern Montgomery County.

's the really important question: For those who have been there, is it the kind of place that we could bring young children? Or would they be entirely out of place?

          (BTW, there's a little Vietnamese place next to Pho 75 called Cafe Saigon. People are very friendly, they have great banh mi and other simple dishes).

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          1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

            I've only been there once but I'm not sure I would bring kids. My husband does not feel safe in the neighborhood (though I admit we are completely uptight suburbanites) - which is fine for just us but I'm not sure I'd bring kids. Also its pretty smoky. That being said, I've only been there once. The exoerience was great for just me and my husband. We want to go back soon with a larger group of friends.

            1. re: AmblerGirl

              We have been to Taste of Portugal many times and while the food can be overly salty, it is a welcoming restaurant for children. The neighborhood is ethnic, with moderate and low-income housing, generally the type of neighbohood one finds chowhound type of fare. Children are welcome and doted on by the staff. And youngsters have the chance to see another neighborhood in Philadelphia, which might look different than their own.

            2. re: Hungryin theBurbs

              You shuld not have any concerns bringing your kids. True, not a great area but by no means dangerous.

              Smoking is confined to the upstairs bar area...go downstairs and you'll find smoke free and usually not too crowded.

              1. re: GBak504

                Thanks. I'm not worried about the area - we go there all the time with kids to the Vietnamese places and never feel any concern for safety. I was more curious about the atmosphere of the place itself. My kids are relatively good, but not super-quiet so we try not to take them anyplace where they will disturb other diners.

                1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                  Usually not crowded enough that you should be concerned.
                  Dinner time comes late for the 6, 7, 8ish are usually just you and the waitstaff.