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Dinner near Newberg Rec's

My wife and I will be staying near Newberg Oregon on a Sunday / Monday. Any rec's for a nice dinner that's open those days. I hope to keep the post dinner driving to a minimum. Thanks.

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  1. I've just started going down there (actually am planning on moving to the Valley!) . . . I've tried some of these . . . they are open either Sunday and/or Monday nights. Check out their sites . . .

    Bistro Maison (McMinnville) www.bistromaison.com
    Cuvee (Carlton) www.cuveedining.com
    La Rambla (McMinnville) www.laramblaonthird.com
    The Painted Lady (Newberg - supposed to be a goodie!)www.thepaintedladyrestaurant.com

    Bon appetit!

    1. The Painted Lady for sure.

      1. I am looking forward to trying The Painted Lady :o) . . .

        Reading further, sfsand, I noticed there is some posting about Willamette . . . on or about 6/28 . . . might give you some more ideas.

        1. Thank you for the ideas. They all look great.

          1. The Painted Lady is a must. Dundee Bistro for lunch only, dinner's not really worth it, but definately make reservations for the Painted Lady as it is a small restaurant and very popular now that people have found out about it.

            They also have a great wine list, no need to bring your own, no matter how much you want to bring a bottle from your days adventures.

            1. The Painted lady ended up being fantastic. Our server was very good and the food was amazing. Definitely worth it. We did not do the 8 course tasting menu, but the three course menu was plenty.

              1. Totally second Bistro Maison, I would add Tina's in Dundee. For lunch Fresh Palate Cafe outisde of Sheridan or if you want diner food the Amity Cafe in Amity. There's also a good taqueria and tienda in Lafayette, can't remember the name.


                1. In Newberg there is Panadaria y Gonzalez Taqaria on main street. By far the best Mexican food in Yamhill. I love the authentic cooking of mexican foor and they have it going on. Nothing fancy, so don't expect to be wined and dined. The food is where it's at.

                  1. Hey sfsand . . . I ended up at The Painted Lady last Wednesday night for the first time . . . maybe we were there at the same time! I too tried the 3 course meal - arugula and beet salad, butterfish, magret of duck. It was all EXCELLENT - especially the butterfish. I succeeded in refraining from licking my plates! I also splurged by having a glass of different wine with each course. YUM.

                    Joel Palmer and Tina's are next on my list . . .

                    1. This is a crazy-old thread... but I just ate at the Painted Lady in Newberg... it was stunning. They offer one menu each night... 4 courses, with a chocie of 2 or 3 options per course... and we were probably there for nearly 4 hours, asked them to stretch it out, which they were happy to do! (I despise being rushed, and letting the meal be our evening is such a joy.) The gnocchi was great, the cheese plate was local and exciting, the steak cooked perfectly and tasted like BEEF! So much beef these days is sort of dull-tasting, but this Oregon Country beef was really memorable. Get asparagus in any form if they've got it, and ... of course ... as my handle says, I'm a Willamette wine lover, and the owner-sommelier Jessica was knowlegable and enthusiastic, and had gems for wine pairings. It's expensive, but it is WORTH it!