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Jun 30, 2006 04:10 PM

Recs at Dopo?

Going to order some lasagna to go at Dopo tonight. Might also get a pizza or two. This is for a small group casual bday dinner at home. What pizza(s) should we get? Thanks!

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  1. They change all the time so it's hard to say, but my favorites are the spicy cauliflower or spicy broccoli.

    1. Like Robert said, the pizza option changes often so if a particular pizza sounds good to you then it probably will be good, and the staff can also helpful in offering recommendations. One word of advice, if you have a pizza stone or similar I would put the stone in the oven and turn it on bake to as hot as it will go about 30 mins before you go and get the pizza then when you get home pop them in then oven for 1-2 minutes to get them hot and crisp again. Since their pizzas are thin they tend to cool off very quickly and they may be cold by the time you get home.

      1. Thanks. Sounds like it may be best to stick to the lasagna for practical reasons.