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Jun 30, 2006 04:06 PM

Dinner at Salumi

What is the deal with the Friday dinners at Salumi? Will be coming in mid-August from NYC. I live near his son Mario Batali and have eaten at virtually all of his restaurants and even know his literary agent. Any suggestions? Failing that, is the culatello really the stuff of dreams as I've heard? What should I order for lunch? Want to try everything.

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  1. Culatello's very good, but not as amazing as the press has made it out to be. I think it's the Coors syndrome at work: Scarcity of a product making it nearly mythical thus artificially inflating the intrinsic goodness of the product. I personally prefer his lomo, which has nice buttery, nutty and ferment flavors that leave plenty of room to taste the actual pork. The culatello, in comparison, is simplistic, at least the one I tried.

    1. G.G., If the pork cheek sandwich is on the menu, it's a must. The hot meat plate would be my second choice along with the soup of the day. As to the Friday dinners, much like Rao's in New York, there's not a chance. As an alternative for dinner, I highly recommend Harvest Vine. Make sure you have reservations and request a table in the wine celler. Enjoy your Seattle visit!

      1. Dinner at Salumi is problematic. Armandino (the owner) states that he reserves this privelige for those people that he knows and likes. So, if you are motivated,it is necessary to go there for lunch many times and get to know Armindino. Then you have to agree on a date and I am told they are booked for a year ahead. Having stated this, though, I will tell you from experience that it is a food orgy worth experiencing. There is an abundance of organ meat, however, and BYOB is the rule.

        1. i have a question.

          is it easy to get in for lunch?

          and are there any non-pork based dishes that are pretty good? thanks.

          also, is it very costly at lunch?

          1. Kevin, Lunch is very inexpensive, around $10.00 to $12.00 per person. (Wine is free, family style.) However, if you have issues with pork, Salumi should not be on your short list of places to eat. Salumi, in Italian, literally translates to pork, sausage and salami.

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              Wine is 3 bucks a glass. You pay on the honor system.