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Jun 30, 2006 04:01 PM


For those who remember Bambu in Malibu about 10 years ago (before it was Nobu), the sushi chef, Go, moved to the valley. His "Go's Japanese Market" is every true sushi aficianado's secret delight. In a strip mall on the corner of Sherman Way and Shoup in Canoga Park,(818) 704-1459, there are about 8 seats at a bar in the back. Fresh Japanese scallop, dotted with truffle oil, Kampachi sushi with chile/Japanese citrus salsa, Kobe beef sushi. I promise you, Go will rock your world. Not cheap, the ONLY sushi bar I think is worth the dime in LA. Tell him that Alyson from Malibu sent you.

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  1. I'm definately going. This location used to be Megu's Japanese Food Mart, with the same phone number. Megu now owns Sushi Agoura in Agoura Hills, a dynamite place in its own right. If Go has the same Japanese grocery items it'll be a relief to have a good Japanese source close to home.

    1. Be careful if you ask for Omakase. A friend and I went in for lunch one day, asked for Omakase, and ended up with a $200 tab. The quality was quite good, but the price was surprising.

      1. I have enjoyed Go's Sushi in Canoga Park several times over the years. He does create amazing combinations with his many ingredients and has some excellent fish. My only reservations are two: dinner can be very long (we sat one night for close to three hours) because the food service was quite slow, and, as you mentioned, I do think it is extremely pricey. While I don't mind spending on really good sushi -- and that IS the most important part! -- I do like the whole experience. Go's is excellent sushi, but the service was very relaxed -- a little too relaxed for me -- and the place is just a counter. At the risk of repeating myself, it is the sushi that is the most important (!), so the price is certainly justified because the sushi is excellent and VERY different from his brother's sushi at Sushi Agoura.

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          So Go and Megu are brothers? Megu serves a lot of exotic rolls and is hardly traditional sushi. How is Go's cuisine VERY different from Megu's?

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            Yes, Megu at Sushi Agoura and the chef/owner of Go's are brothers; however, I don't know what their relationship (or lack thereof) is.

            How are they different? Megu is less focused on details (for example, he would not top his sushi with a gold leaf). Megu prepares his plates very quickly and is open to almost any concoction you can dream up; he loves the roll-combinations and is not as particular about the quality of his fish. In fact, I have seen Megu a little sloppy at times, especially later into the evening after a few "toasts" with his patrons. Please, please, please -- understand that I do like him and his sushi, but I don't think it is of the same quality as Go's.

            Go, on the other hand, seems to delight in serving something different and is more of an artist. He takes great pains to top his offerings with special tastes and combines ingredients that are not usually experienced together.

            They both have their place and their followers, for sure. I just think they are quite different.

        2. Go is all about the "fish." Super simple. Super elegant food. Fresh. Surprising. It's very Nob-esqe, but without the attitude. Agoura Sushi is kinda sophmoric I think. Has that whole "yahoo" vibe that doesn't appeal to me...but that's just me.

          1. So I just got back from Go's for lunch. Admittedly I had some pricy items but I was very surprised at how expensive lunch was. I had yamakake (very well done with added ponzu), ami ebi (one shrimp only, sliced in two), aji, engawa, awabi sashimi and a natto hand roll. Drank water. Total before tip was $61.38. The shrimp and the abalone had white truffle oil on them which masked the flavor. The portions are small (think Urasawa). He put gold leaf on one of the shrimp.

            The variety of fish was surprisingly varied. "Live" octopus, sardine, several Japanese fish which I didn't recognize.

            I think his relationship with his brother, Megu, is not very close. When I mentioned that he was Megu's brother, he replied "Yes, I am his brother." Despite several attempts to draw him into conversation about Megu, he was silent. However, he's a very personable guy and quite friendly.

            When I said that Alyson from Malibu suggested that I come in he simply smiled and chuckled.

            I'll be back, avoid the exotics, and get a feel for the true cost of a meal there. Delicious sushi.

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              Ooooooh, I am soooooo ate there TODAY!!! Tom, I have read with interest your posts for awhile on these boards -- I almost always agree and I think you are pretty close to me geographically -- so I am glad that you liked Go Sushi. Yes, $60+ for lunch is $$$$, it seems like you had a good variety.

              I have had the same experience in trying to elicit a conversation about his brother, and Megu is just as silent when asked...??? Along another train of thought, I read somewhere that it is not good sushi etiquette to ask the chef about his personal life; HOWEVER, this IS Southern California and often the chefs are extremely relaxed and friendly, so I usually DO converse on a human level with them. For example, Keizo at Sushi Zo loves to talk about his new baby! Do you know anything about this "rule?"

              If you go back to Go, I would strongly advise not limiting your order, as you said you might; I think his strength is in the "different" and special items. I really think "omakase" is the way to go -- price not considered -- because he is quite creative.

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                Wow, there's a man who acts quickly! Geez. Glad you liked it. Funny that Go chuckled about me. I was just there this week with a client. I was teasing him about being my "man-o-meter." Over the years, I have had several dates there and I asked him for his opinion. He only laughed and said "none of my business." I'm in the marketing business ... so I was also talking with him about ways to build his business. This thing I like most about Go's is the exotic stuff. After being there, I just can't go to a "regular" sushi bar and endure tuna, salmon and shrimp offerings only. You know? I have not heard about Liu's social more about avoiding personal convos wtih sushi chefs. Interesting.