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Jun 30, 2006 03:50 PM

Providence north to Franklin MA area...

Hi - looking for a dinner spot for four is pregnant and can't drink, and she is also big on atmosphere.....elegant, relaxed. Strongly prefer outdoor seating. Any ideas?

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  1. Incontro in Franklin is tasty, stylish and crowded. I hear Shakers in Mansfield is yummy, same guy who owns James's Roadside Grill in Wrentham. I have'nt been there in a while but the Lafayette House in Foxboro might be worth a try.
    A little further north in Dedham I can highly reccomend Isabella's right down town.
    Good luck and good eating, Larryg

    1. Vintage in Woonsocket, RI has a nice, upscale atmosphere. They have a patio. If you go on a Monday or Tuesday night, they have a 50% off wines by the bottle with the purchase of entrees. Vintage has been open for several months. I have had several good meals there. I think they are still working the service kinks out. Service is sometimes a little slow.

      1. I like Vintage and Incontro both. I'm not sure if Vintage is serving dinner on their patio, or just cocktails...I'll have to check. Incontro is supposed to have an outdoor patio but they haven't yet broken ground (or hadn't last time I was there)

        Never heard of Shaker's but I wouldn't go anywhere connected to James'. I went for breakfast over the winter, was given a really overcooked (brown) omelet, sent it back after 2 bites, then got yelled at by the manager for expecting it to be taken off the check. When I say "yelled at", I mean yelled at.....loudly and embarrassingly. Turns out she is the mother of the owner's wife.

        1. Shakers is in Plainville, not Mansfield, and I only went once when it first opened, and have to say, it was pretty dreadful. Incredibly salty...perhaps the chef smokes. As for James' Roadside Cafe, I know **exactly** who you're talking about, Jane! And can totally **see** her yelling at a customer and not caring that she did. I've only been there twice, and I think the food's decent, but nothing I'd go out of my way for. If you lived in Wrentham or Franklin, great, otherwise no.

          1. The original comment has been removed