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Jun 30, 2006 03:47 PM

Chowish lunch venues around Gallery Place Metro?

Finally, after years in Washington, I am working downtown, just off the Gallery Place Metro. Last time I was in this area every day I was a college student here for the summer and it was pretty desolate.

I'm familiar with the popular restaurants such as Zaytinya and Cafe Atlantico and a regular consumer of the shrimp dumpling soup at Full Kee but I'm looking for less obvious choices if there are any. Not for business lunches, just for a solo hound or small group looking for something really good to eat or take away.

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. There really isnt too much interesting in Gallery Place.

    Capital Q next to Matchbox is pretty good for BBQ. I also like the Clydes on the Walk for a quick cheap sandwich that is very good.

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    1. re: Adam23

      Yes, the Clyde's takeout place is pretty good. I recommend the Bratwurst or the Crabcake sandwhich.

    2. I like the xiao long bao at Chinatown Express. Experiment with the condiments at the table. But some of the fried choices are too oily for me.

      Note: I understand that, for pursists, the XLB here are too thick and doughy, but this is one of my favorite lunches in DC, and since there are really none better in the area, I feel safe in saying these are the best in town.

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      1. re: Steve

        Is that the noodles? If so, they are good. But I don't quite recommend the stir fried seafood version, which I found very salty. I actually had the roast pork over rice, recently, and found that it made a good lunch. The reddish glaze from the ends of each piece adds a subtle flavor to the rice. It tastes really good.

        1. re: Alan72

          Xiao long bao are the steamed dumplings filled with soup. They are typically twist closed at the top which makes for a distinctive look.

      2. I work in the same area. I think Teaism is always pretty good. And Kanlaya Thai on 6th and H has good spicy curries. I was never a fan of Burma (on the same block) but others seem to like it.