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Jun 30, 2006 03:44 PM

Frankz - Haute Dogs at Yonge and Gould. Anyone Been?

Is it worth a visit? Is it a glorified hot dog cart? Please help us pick today's lunch.

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  1. Yes, I went there for lunch 2 weeks ago. I think they've been open 1 or 2 months yet they can't seem to coordinate the operation from the cash to the cooks. I ordered a steamed hotdog and there was no "motion economy". The guy had to criss-cross through the other cooks to get the bun. Totally inefficient and slow. Then he loaded on way too many hot peppers. I mean it was totally covered. The hotdog was no hell either and not very hot considering I ate it immediately. You'd think they could get 'dogs with some crunch to the skin but these are just the usual bland, boring dogs you get in Toronto. Completely unimpressive.

    1. I tried it a week ago, and unfortunately it's not as good as a glorified hot dog cart. I was hoping for a crunchy, flavourful dog, something with character, so the first choice I made was a hot dog cooked on the flattop (there's a choice of how you'd like it cooked). No luck; it was an excessively salted wiener tasting more of chemicals than meat. I tried a few other menu choices, including grilled - no improvement. Also tried it as a Coney Island, with insipid chili. The staff were a little disorganized and very into themselves. Suggest giving it a miss.

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          1. Disorganized, crappy buns and dogs, bland chili topping, small portion of fries for big price and concerns about proper serving temperatures all combined to wreak havoc on my normally cast-iron strength stomach.

            I can't imagine why anyone would spend this kind of money to open a hot dog resto unless they could actually improve on the vendor dog business model.

            When I went there, I was kind of hoping it would be something like Pink's in LA :(