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Jun 30, 2006 03:44 PM

Orange Blossom Water

Poster formerly known as D-NY

Got a small container of Orange Blossom Water at Sahadis and am now wondering what to do with it. Any ideas welcome, especially drink recipes. One poster recommended putting some on a citrus salad w/ mint which sounded great but I'd love other ideas. [ed to fix typo]

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  1. Add some to your regular iced tea creation - it adds a lovely aroma. Also good for granitas for palette cleansers. Splash over vanilla ice cream too. Mix into buttercream icing for (cup)cakes.

    On a non-food note, my friend uses it as a toner... :)

    1. Coincidentally, I just posted on the Deborah Madison thread about a recipe using orange blossom water - Fig tart with orange flower custard. It's basically a simple custard with a couple of teaspoons of orange blossom water added. The figs and subtle orange flavor are wonderful together. I've also used it in a simple syrup to drizzle over fresh fruit.

      Then because you mentioned cocktails, I found this one (though it uses a negligible amount of orange water). It looked so good, I'm trying it this weekend!

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        I can't drink alcohol, and diet Coke (decaf) was starting to taste blah, so I simply switched to water for my weight loss. However, once a day, I treat myself to ice cold diet Coke (decaf) with a couple of drops of orange blossom water. It was terrific. Added a really different flavor, but don't use too much. One of my friends makes Crystal Light lemonade and puts in rosewater. That's nice too. I'll have to try the OBW in that too.

      2. An all-time favorite, my version of the Ramos Fizz: for two drinks, you need 1.5 oz. fresh lemon juice, 2 tsp powdered sugar, 2 tsp bar sugar, 3 oz. gin (I use Gordon's), 1 egg white, 4 oz. fresh milk (not cream), and 10-12 drops orange flower water. Mix the lemon and sugar thoroughly in a shaker, add cracked ice, then gin, then eggwhite, and finally milk and orange flower water. Shake very thoroughly and serve in a fizz glass.

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          I had orange blossome flavored panna cotta once, that was wonderful! You can also use it in, oh what's that greek pastry? Baklava, that's it.

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            It's especially good with almond baklava, but I still prefer rosewater for walnut, pistachio, or pine nut baklava.

        2. Add a tablespoon into a rice pudding recipe.

          1. It's really nice added to a syrup for a pound cake (the kind used to moisten it before glazing).
            It's also lovely in a simple confectioners sugar glaze for cupcakes and simply flavored cookies.