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grilling chuck steak

I have a 5lb chuck steak any suggestions on how to grill, marinades or other hints???thanks

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  1. How thick is it? It might be better off braised, as in a pot roast. That's what I usually do with chuck roasts.

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      My Stater Bros sells mock tenderloin. I looked at the package and it says Chuck Steak Boneless. I asked the butcher and he said, yep, grill it - better on the rare side.
      I seasoned and grilled and it was tender and delicious! And cheap.

    2. I think Chuck is better off being slow cooked like the PP said. It's such a tough meat that it needs that long cooking time.

      1. So could it be cooked in a two step method? Grill on the fire with great smoke and finish it in a low, slow oven/grill with moisture? There are a lot of people who do that with their ribs. Themost successful ribs I know are covered in a rub and left exposed in the frige over night. Grilled on indirect heat with smoking wood chips for 45 min and finished at 325- covered in a sauce and foil.
        good luck

        1. I don't think that's such a great idea...chuck is really sinewy and tough.
          It really, as others have said, needs a LONG braise. If you're dying to grill it, braise the heck out of it first, then put it on the grill on a fine grate (to avoid losing pieces) to achieve your smokey goodness. Finally, pull it apart and enjoy.

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            Shoot. I want pot roast. NOW. While the way I make pot roast wouldn't hold together on the grill after the braising, this does sound very intriguing!

          2. Your 5 lb chuck "steak" is either from a Paul Bunyan size ox, or is a large chuck roast. Chuck steaks are usually a thin cut of chuck, sold for a little more as a "steak". It is chuck, and it is rather tough. You can, however, do what you want to accomplish. Marinate overnight with a good BBQ rub, brown over high heat on the grill, and then cook (preferably with mesquite smoke) for about 4-5 hours, at 175-200 degrees over indirect heat. This cut is almost as tough as brisket, and may be cooked the same way. Actually, I've been BBQing chuck roasts this way for a long time...much cheaper than brisket.

            1. Had two meals of the following recipe last week:

              -seasoned the chuck steak with only salt and pepper
              -wrapped them in alumnium foil
              -grill in the oven at 500F for 20 mins

              tender and juice still intact. need comments. would love to improve recipes on cheap parts like the chuck.

              1. My ex-in-laws lived on chuck steak broiled till it was just past medium-rare, with very little seasoning. (They had strong jaws, evidently.) We lived with them for eight months. I am surprised I didn't dry up and blow away. The few times I cooked, either they required me to cook the chuck steak, or else they complained about the Okie food I made. (Yes, gravy is your friend.) I didn't dare to make vegetarian food for them, although I sometimes did for the x & myself when they were out of town for a night.

                All that entirely too many words for this: Braise the chuck steak & buy something else to grill.

                1. Only way I have ever prepared chuck roast and it didn't come out tough was by rubbing an envelope of onion soup mix on both sides, wrapping tightly in aluminum foil and cooking in a 325 oven for about 90 minutes. Do not open foil until ready to serve...wonderful au jus to put over potatoes. meat comes out nice, tender and wonderfully seasoned.

                  1. Don't listen to anyone telling you that a "CHUCK STEAK" is tough. Chuck steak is loaded with fat and is ANYTHING but tough. Infact when it comes to GRILLING a chuck steak is the BEST. 7 minutes on medium heat, flip, then 5 more on the opposite side. You have a great steak.. rub with a little Worchester sauce before cooking, and your good to go.

                    What you hvave is a CHUCK ROAST... not a chuck steak. They are close.. .but infact two different cuts of meat. The chuck roast is trimmed of most of it's exterior fat and is a slightly leaner piece of meat. You could cut that into a few standing steaks and do them in the grill, or on the broiler and would be very good. You want to eat chuck steaks Medium. Or Medium rare. You don't want to overcook them as they will lose the flavor when the fat melts away.

                    Get a nice Chuck Steak... around 3.99lb at any grocery store and give it a try on the grille. You will not be disappointed. I promise! : ) and the LAST thing it will be is TOUGH!!!! It's a chuck steak... not a friggin London Broil.

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                      You do realize the original post is from 3+ years ago?

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                        LOLOL Yes... I did.... AFTER i typed out that reply. Now that I look at it, i come across as a total jerk too! My bad everyone!

                        It showed up on the front page as a new post... how weird.

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                          Yeah, that happens. No total jerkness. We've all done it...in fact, I replied to a thread that was 2-3 years old just a few weeks ago - as did others, so we're in good company. <g>

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                            And still a year later, it's helping newbies like me out! Jack, you're so right! I got em cheap, and saw all these 5 hour recipes, and felt very sad, because I don't have time for that. I marinated mine in some dijon, worchestershire, oil and salt&pepper. Threw it in a pan at hight heat a 3 or 4 minutes a side, I was really impressed! Esp. after I thought it was sure to be "tough sleddin" . Maybe not the most tender I've encountered, but great flavour! Cheers!

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                              I buy thick cut boneless shoulder steak, from a butcher who cuts the whole carcass, from top rated beef. The steaks grill well, lots of flavor and tender. Just treat chuck with respect, and go for the best.

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                        And 4 years later your advice is still helping me too, and you didn't sound like a jerk :)

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                            I love this cut.... I use a meat hammer on it first. I use dejon, worchestireshire (sp) slivers of garlic, S&P and good quality coffee grounds.... it's better than tri-tip if you tenderize it first

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                              I am very happy that you found it of use! I just got some nice chucks on sale at my local Wally World and they turned out great for football with my buddies. Always an easy, quick, and tasty steak!!! It has a bad rep, but I don't think it deserves it. I think someone tried cooking roast, and called it steak. LoL :-)

                          2. I would sear first with seasonings, then braise in some liquid to break down sinew, then finish on the grill to caramelize the outside and give it some sizzle & smoke flavor. You can even put your braising pot on the grill and do the whole thing on the grill, as long as you are confident about maintaining the temp. I have done this before with good results.

                            You can marinade if you want, but I don't think it's necessary, braising will do the trick.

                            1. Unless it's a top shoulder roast which can be cut into flat irons or a chuck eye I would not not grill it.

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                              1. I grill chuck roast all the time, but usually in the 3 to 3-1/2 pound range. I marinate it in a bag for a day or so and then grill it to a little less than medium-rare. Slice it thin across the grain like a London broil. The marinade I use is called Allegro, but I think it is mostly soy sauce. I usually add some white wine (dry vermouth), garlic and pepper to the marinade. With a chuck roast the size you have, I'm with most of the others and think you should braise it.