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Jun 30, 2006 02:53 PM


It may be only me, but Im finding interacting with the new Boards to be much more sluggish and timeconsuming - too timeconsuming. It appears like there is less activity, tho I know that cant be true...I cant see at a glance whats going on any more. Cant tell, without a deepish dive whether there is activity new to me on a post or board. Items labeled "new" keep that label even after I have read all the posts - dont understand that at all.

Cant see activity on boards without going back to the main board menu - with the map annoyingly coming up at the top each time. At the rate Im going, I may never have time to visit some of the boards that I would routinely scan and not always read - and I mean manhattan, not just timbuctu.

I really totally appreciate all the work that is going into this new product hope that the kinks get worked out.

ps. - when I use the search, have go go through the refresh-retry drill each time I move back to the search results page - is there a way around this?

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  1. If you reload the page instead of hitting the 'back' button the 'new' marker should go away. Alternatively, if you go back to the board by hitting "site talk" on the top of this page (above your post) the 'new' will also go away.

    Sorry I don't have other answers.

    1. 'kay, thats helpful, krissywats. Ive now trained myself to click on the board header - its still an additional step, as opposed to hitting the "back" button, however.

      I do appreciate the highlighting of the unread posts tho I dont much like having to scroll down to find them on a long thread.

      dont want all this to be read as ungraciousness, because I am truly grateful that Jim was able to pull off this deal, but I still feel like I am wading in muck rather than flitting over this interface. hotpost surrogate, please.

      1. If you click on 'Site Talk' right at the top of this page, it's the same number of click as clicking 'back' (Red lettering on tan background right above "sluggishness" in black lettering and right next to the RSS feed icon) - hope that helps!

        1. Hi Jen,

          There have been a bunch of modifications since you posted -- all good!

          krissywats gave you the important pointer about your first problem. One nice new feature is that now hitting the back button seems to bring you back to where you left that page. I'm not sure whether the software "knows" that you you have visited a thread if you hit the back button or not.

          You don't need to go to the main page to see the board listing. Just go to "Boards" on the red banner on top of the page and let the mouse hover on the word (no need to click). You can see the entire list of boards and click on them to go to all boards from any page of the site -- this is a really cool, useful function.

          As of tonight, there's also a new version of Hot Posts. It still doesn't seem to have one thing I want -- a way of seeing ONLY new replies, rather than the whole thread. But it's another positive sign. Things keep improving at a rapid pace.

          I also don't all the scrolling required to find one or two replies on a long thread. I think this is easily solvable; given the rapid improvements, I'm optimistic.

          Give it time. I think this software is going to be great.