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Jun 30, 2006 02:24 PM

suggestions for lunch today in Woodside or Elmhurst

I need to run errands today. First in Woodside (Northern & Broadway) then in Elmhurst (I'll be driving along Broadway into Elmhurst). Suggestions for something good and quick? and where parking wouldn't be much of an issue?

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    1. Sapori d'Ischia, 55-15 37th Ave., between 55th and 56th Sts.
      No problem parking there.

      1. Mie Jakarta on Whitney Ave in Elmhurst. Great Indonesian noodle house where you can get a delicious soup for $5 or less. The avocado shake w/ chocolate is also a must-order. And the stuffed tofu appetizer is very spicy and so tasty. I've never tried to park there during the day, so I can't speak to that part of the question.

        Mie Komplet (noodles w/ chicken, soup & wontons on the side)

        Juice Alpokat (avocado shake w/ chocolate

        1. thanks for the recs!! i may have to go with mie jakarta just b/c the pics look so darn good...