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Jun 30, 2006 02:06 PM

Good chow around St. John's University?


I'm looking for some good chow around St. John's University in Queens for dinner tonight. Any type of cuisine will do, but the more exotic (I have a craving for Moroccan, but doubt I can find it), the better.


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  1. Kyoto Sushi is good. It's on Union Turnpike at 153rd Street, about a mile and a half from St. John's. They also have Thai food.

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      Does anyone know of a family style or pizza restaurant that I can take 18 kids and five adults to before a St. John's basketball game next weekend?

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        I always liked Regina's Cafe- on the corner of Utopia and Union. You might want to call them priot though, because it is a small place and I don't know if they could seat so many at once. I've always found their food to be pretty good.
        Regina's Cafe

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          Thanks for all the great advice. We ended up making a reservation at Acquista Trattoria. They gave us their back room and it was terrific. They were very accommodating and the food was delicious. We had a great time. We ended up having 21 kids and 8 eight adults and they couldn't have been nicer. Great restaurant.

      2. A piece of advice, as a recent grad and fairly longtime resident of the nabe: it's a food wasteland. Give up now, and you'll be less frustrated down the line. Take the 65 bus into Flushing and you'll do lightyears better. Or hop a train; Queens is food paradise, just not our little corner of it.

        And the Thai food at Kyoto Sushi is really gross. I don't even think their sushi is any better than any of the other little holes in the wall closer to Utopia Parkway. The environment is much nicer though; you can actually take a date there.

        1. Acquista Trattoria on the corner of 179th St. and Union Tpke has good Italian food and is very reasonably priced.

          1. I've also always enjoyed Yummy Taco- of course, it's not amazing quality food- and probably not "dinner" worthy, but it is very good (tasting) for tacos and especially the chicken over mexican rice. Very yummy and verrrry cheap. their number is 718-591-5521 (I have all these numbers stored for a rainy day!)

            There's also an Italian place in the middle of that block- maybe next to Yummy Taco- or the next block? I can't remember-- but their food is very good too. We went there to watch a football game on a Monday night- and they had good finger food. Again, it wasn't "dinner" worthy, but these are some options you could keep in mind.

            OHH and how could I forget? The Sly Fox is very good for dinner and the staff is very friendly

            1. My favorite place is Acquista Trattoria...amazing italian pastas and there is a room in the back for a bigger number of guests like the 20+ people. the front of the shop, is for smaller crowds. Also, Fame diner across from St.Johns is a big dinner and can could accomodate 20+ people. good typical diner food.

              Another amazing pizza place is Romeo's Pizza on 188th St and Union Tpke. They have ceasar's chicken pizza and ziti pizza and garlic knots is really good. and the pasta dishes are always so good. my family always orders dinner there.

              Kyoto's Sushi closer to Parsons Blvd is really good sushi and a cute atmosphere. more date-like vibe. Izumi's Sushi is smaller and across from Barnes and Nobles and is decent. Sushi Zone is good for a quick and simple sushi.

              Jade King as a great Chinese restaurant around 185th and Union Tpke. it is a bigger restaurant style for sit-down food. Authentic and amazing Chinese take-out is Dave's kitchen on 188th and Union Tpke and also Seven Stars which is along Union Tpke on the very long block between Surrey Place and Avon St.

              And a better Mexican/Chinese take-out is Lucky Star on 189th and Union Tpke. Yes sounds odd to have Chinese and Mexican, but the Mexican food is really good.