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Jun 30, 2006 01:27 PM

Babbo - how many items to order?

Wife and I are going to Babbo. If we don't get a tasting menu and want to order a la carte, how many items can/should we get to have a good sampling without eating like total pigs?

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  1. They recommend an appetizer each, split a pasta, and an entree each. This worked well for us. The lamb's tongue app was huge.

    1. I (barely) managed an app, a pasta, an entree and dessert. But it wasn't necessary. Sharing the pasta sounds like a good idea.

      1. For two people, I'd say split an app, each get a pasta, and spit an entree. Or, last time we went, we got three apps and two pastas and that was perfect. I'd certainly get more than one pasta.

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          I totally agree with this posting. They suggest sharing a pasta, and ordering two entrees- but I would so rather split an entree and get two pastas.

          eGustibus Food Blog:

        2. When we went, we split an appetizer, 3 pastas and an entree. No dessert. We were stuffed and took part of the entree home. The pastas definitely stand-out more than the entrees. The only complaint was the pacing. They kept bringing out the pasta immediately after finishing the previous one. had to ask them to slow the pace.

          1. 3 of us had 2 apps, 1 pasta with the apps and then another pasta and entree together and 2 desserts. We were full and took part of the entree home.