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Jun 30, 2006 01:16 PM


What happened? If I try to search from Google I get a screen that says it cant be accessed.

And what happened to Hot Topics? I loved it.

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  1. Google search does not work since all our URLs have changed. Use the search box (see other posts here about tips on searching).

    A replacement for Hot Posts is in the works.

    1. Are old posts gone? Searching in the search box yielded no results.

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      1. re: imsax

        no, the old posts are there.

        Be aware (it's not obvious) that if you use the search box while on a given board, you are ONLY searching that board. Hit the search button to get to the search results page, where you can choose "advanced search", which gives you ability to search any board you choose (or you can choose to search "all boards"). It's pretty complicated, but it works.