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Jun 30, 2006 01:07 PM

Goodbye Someday Cafe, Hello Mr. Crepe (Davis Square)

I was sad to hear that the fine folks at the Someday didn't exercise their option to renew the lease, so they'll be out of there at the end of the summer. I was never one to linger inside with the eclectic crowd but I always appreciated their coffees, great loose teas, and generally mellow vibe. I guess Diesel will get the alternative coffee consumer, which isn't a bad thing. I like that place too.

If this is the same Mr. Crepe who used to operate up the street before Dave moved in, he's going to have to get his act together ... the yummy crepes (sweet and savory) used to take a very long time to prepare and in that location I'm sure they'll be very busy.

I'm glad the space isn't going to succumb to a chain like Quiznos or something but I'm sad to see Someday go.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I used to visit Someday a lot when I was in Davis Square more, a few years ago. After the change in ownership the physical space went from grungy in a hip way to fairly unpleasant in a gross way. Their coffees were always solid and a good value. I have come to prefer the coffee and the scene at Diesel more over the years. It is always too bad to see yet another indie coffee place disappear. There are shockingly few left in the area.

      I had some bad experiences at the old Mr. Crepe - long waits, surly waitstaff, chef coming out to berate diners - similar to Soundbites. The crepes themselves were always pretty tasty.

      1. I will be very sad to see Willie and his gang go. Pulled one of the best mocha's in town.

        Mr. Crepe on Holland was hit or miss for me for a long time.

        1. Used to enjoy the cprepes at Mr Crepe, nice to have them back.

          1. Oy. Is it me, or have I officially become a curmudugeon? Can't believe the Someday is out. Thanks for the heads-up.