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Goodbye Someday Cafe, Hello Mr. Crepe (Davis Square)

I was sad to hear that the fine folks at the Someday didn't exercise their option to renew the lease, so they'll be out of there at the end of the summer. I was never one to linger inside with the eclectic crowd but I always appreciated their coffees, great loose teas, and generally mellow vibe. I guess Diesel will get the alternative coffee consumer, which isn't a bad thing. I like that place too.

If this is the same Mr. Crepe who used to operate up the street before Dave moved in, he's going to have to get his act together ... the yummy crepes (sweet and savory) used to take a very long time to prepare and in that location I'm sure they'll be very busy.

I'm glad the space isn't going to succumb to a chain like Quiznos or something but I'm sad to see Someday go.

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  1. I used to visit Someday a lot when I was in Davis Square more, a few years ago. After the change in ownership the physical space went from grungy in a hip way to fairly unpleasant in a gross way. Their coffees were always solid and a good value. I have come to prefer the coffee and the scene at Diesel more over the years. It is always too bad to see yet another indie coffee place disappear. There are shockingly few left in the area.

    I had some bad experiences at the old Mr. Crepe - long waits, surly waitstaff, chef coming out to berate diners - similar to Soundbites. The crepes themselves were always pretty tasty.

    1. I will be very sad to see Willie and his gang go. Pulled one of the best mocha's in town.

      Mr. Crepe on Holland was hit or miss for me for a long time.

      1. Used to enjoy the cprepes at Mr Crepe, nice to have them back.

        1. Oy. Is it me, or have I officially become a curmudugeon? Can't believe the Someday is out. Thanks for the heads-up.

          1. See Boston Herald for story on Someday's closing (http://business.bostonherald.com/busi...). Too bad they're getting bounced, but Gus, the owner, admits he screwed and the landlord clearly is a heartless, hardball type.

            1. what a drag. that's an awfully big space for a creperie.

                1. I, too, am sorry to see this hangout go. There are so few places where a person can socialize with having to buy a big meal or feel like the staff is watching the clock until you leave.

                  1. ack. i am really saddened that davis is losing someday. i hope it doesnt repeat what happened to havard sq.

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                      I'm sad that they're losing a small independent coffee house, but I have to say, GREAT coffee (the best latte I thought) but Someday was downright filthy. It's nice to have a coffee shop to hang out in where you're not surrounded by products and pressure to buy, but dirty is dirty. And although there was not pressure to succumb to corporate America, there was definite pressure to succumb to the extreme left! Can I have my scone without having to decide my pro-life/pro-choice beliefs please??

                      I am surprised that Mr. Crepe is coming back - I thought they were pretty good, but I agree that it's a lot of space for a little food. I'm not sure why he closed his up the street location, I always assumed people in Somerville didn't like crepes as much as he thought!

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                        The Holland St. location was closed because Dave's Fresh Pasta, from whom Mr. Crêpe was subletting, wanted to expand. Additionally, I heard that Mr. Crêpe's owner was pursuing other food related business interests (something about selling waffles in ski resorts if I remember correctly).

                        Forget the coffee, the saddest part of losing Someday, from a chow point of view anyway, is that JP Licks (yuck) will be the only remaining ice cream outlet in the Square. For those who don't know, Someday is owned by the owner of Toscanini's and has a freezer full of multiflavored goodness. How far we have sunk from the days of Steve's (and Denise's too).

                        Dave's Fresh Pasta carries Toscanini's prepack pints, but they're only open until 7:30 and not at all on Sundays. It looks like we're going to be eating more Ben and Jerry's unless Mr. Crêpe and Someday work something out.

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                            Denise retired, sold the place and it's twin in Arlington to JP licks. Really a shame but are they popular. Someday never did a good job publicizing its ice cream which is (was) 10x better a the same price, and just across the street.

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                            If you're /that/ committed to Tosci's, remember that the Diesel Cafe always has a couple of flavors of Tosci's ice cream and a sorbet available.

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                              Good point, I'd forgotten. Diesel it is then.

                              By the way, it's not that I'm dedicated to Toscanini's, it's just the JP licks sucks (Ben and Jerry's from Store 24 is better) and those are the options in Davis square. Christina's is up there with Tosci's (who's better depends on the flavor/mood), and I'm glad they don't have an outlet in Davis or I'd be twice as fat.

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                                Hmmm, I haven't tried the gelato at Bhoja Cafe, I wonder if it's good? And then there's the new place in Arlington Center (the spot that was Ben & Jerry's a few years ago) that is said to have great frozen custard..... only 2 miles away....

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                                  There's also a new ice cream place in Teale square (where the Tibetan restaurant was) which I've been meaning to check out.

                          3. Unless it moved, the new ice cream place is a few doors down from the Tibetan place in Teele. I think the Tibetan place is still there. The ice cream place is next to the pub...can't remember the name of either place. Speaking of ice cream though, I tried Chilly Cow in Arlington Center last night and it was FABULOUS! Maybe even better than Christina's (my favorite)

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                              The icecream place has been open for a about a year now. It's called Pianelli Ice Cream. Supposedly "Italian-style". The portions are huge and the flavors tend to be a combination of ingrediants. The pub is called PJ Ryan's. House of Tibet Kitchen is indeed still in business.

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                                If you're interested in the Someday goings-on, head over to

                                There was a community meeting on Sunday night to discuss options, where Mayor Curtatone offered to help Mr Crepe find another spot -- no promises, though.

                              2. Someday will be closing its doors on August 12th. The employees are selling $5 raffle tickets to raise money to open their own store in a different location. The raffle prize is a nifty looking bike. They're also selling tshirts for $15.

                                1. I am sad to see Someday go, but I have to admit, selling raffle tickets $5 at a time is not the best business strategy for opening a new place.