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Jun 30, 2006 12:57 PM

PJ's Abbey in OC any good?

Hi all:

My folks are treating me to dinner next month and I get to pick the venue. Has anybody ever been to PJs Abbey and is it any good?


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  1. I went there for lunch a few years ago and enjoyed it very much. Probably as much as I liked Zov's for lunch which is high praise indeed. I've never been for dinner.

    1. I wouldn't make a special trip to get there; it is okay but nothing to knock your socks off with.

      1. Got taken there by MY in-laws. Food was completely underwhelming, and yet they were apparently doing a brisk business, with other people dragged there by their OC in-laws/parents. MANY places with better food, even in OC. Unless just the idea of eating in what used to be a church floats your boat, keep looking.

        1. Agreed, totally overrated. Food is just OK. The setting is nice, if a bit quirky in an old restroed old-towne orange property off the orange circle.

          1. I would go to the Green Parrot on Main in Santa Ana instead. Or Citrus City Grille just off the traffic circle.