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PJ's Abbey in OC any good?

Hi all:

My folks are treating me to dinner next month and I get to pick the venue. Has anybody ever been to PJs Abbey and is it any good?


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  1. I went there for lunch a few years ago and enjoyed it very much. Probably as much as I liked Zov's for lunch which is high praise indeed. I've never been for dinner.

    1. I wouldn't make a special trip to get there; it is okay but nothing to knock your socks off with.

      1. Got taken there by MY in-laws. Food was completely underwhelming, and yet they were apparently doing a brisk business, with other people dragged there by their OC in-laws/parents. MANY places with better food, even in OC. Unless just the idea of eating in what used to be a church floats your boat, keep looking.

        1. Agreed, totally overrated. Food is just OK. The setting is nice, if a bit quirky in an old restroed old-towne orange property off the orange circle.

          1. I would go to the Green Parrot on Main in Santa Ana instead. Or Citrus City Grille just off the traffic circle.

              1. Worked around the corner and ate there frequently because not too many restaurants in immediate area - food is only average but atmosphere is quaint being an old church. Try Rutabagorz down the street across from Chapman University - very casual with patio seating - great salads (big) and sandwiches and entrees.

                1. To me (and I've been there quite a few times, mainly for brunch, usually not my choice) it serves it's purpose as a quaint, safe (i.e., unadventurous) place to have a meal. It's a place to take your in-laws to if you live in the area, and they'll think, "Oh, it is so nice that places like this still exist in Orange, what with the circle, and all the antique stores..." while the whole time you'll be thinking, "now why didn't we just go to Zov's, or maybe even Claim Jumper?" Think "upscale Denny's" when it comes to the food. I've never been there for dinner, but the waits during brunch are interminable, especailly when you know what you're waiting for.

                  That being said, what kind of food do you like? I'm sure we can come up with some options in the area.

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                    Thanks KDOC. I am adventurous about cuisine origin (saw the post about Malaysian, which sounds cool), but my mom is substantially less so. Restaurants we collectively enjoy in L.A. include Pinot Bistro, Ciudad, and Off Vine. Vegetable-heavy foods (though not vegetarian), fresh and healthy but flavorful. They do love Mr. Stox, but I would like to try something new. THANKS for your help!!!

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                      There is a little Mediterranean place up Glassell a few blocks on the right side that is very good (I've long since forgotten the name).

                      What about Ruta's for salads and wraps? http://www.rutabegorz.com/

                      Mexican? The Chili Pepper over on Main has pretty good mole.

                      You are a hop skip away from Tustin where food LIVES. Pina's Bistro for Italian cooked by Pina herself?

                      I'd venture a guess that there are just too many good places in that area.

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                        If they love Mr. Stox, which, ahem, can be a tad conservative, but a solid dining exeperience, maybe a place like Black Sheep Bistro in Tustin, or even Napa Rose at Disney may fit the bill. Nonthreatening (and I mean that in a non-condescending way) food, well prepared in a comfortable environment. If you're looking to stay right in the Orange area, a previous poster mentioned Citrus City Grill, which would be an acceptable choice.