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Jun 30, 2006 12:24 PM

Most palatable diet sodas?

Having grown up down South, I am a fan of old-time sugar-laden sodas, including some regional favorites like Cheerwine and Sun-Drop (yes, North Carolinian here)... but very happy with Classic Coke and Pepsi, too.

In the last couple of years, as I've struggled to cope with type II diabetes and the concomitant needs to avoid sugar and carbs, lose weight and manage diet (40 lbs off so far... and it's been a struggle every step of the way) I have been a mostly-unhappy diet soda drinker. Of the widely available diet sodas, I think I hate Diet Sprite (recently relabeled Sprite Zero) the least; I don't really care for any of the mass-market diet colas.

The other day, however, I found an absolute revelation: Dr. Brown's Diet Black Cherry Soda. Man, this is some good (if expensive) stuff. Sweetened with aspartame, but you'd never know it.

I eagerly tried a few others in the Dr. Brown's diet line, but was not impressed.

I have been drinking a lot more water and plain seltzer these days, and I'm sure that's healthier for me anyway. But Dr. Brown's Diet Black Cherry Soda has given me hope.

What are some of your favorite diet sodas?

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  1. Hi. Congrats on those 40 pounds! I wonder if you've tried Stewart's soft drinks. I'll attach a link for you. It looks like they have two diet choices at this point, root beer, and orange 'n cream. I think the brand is available pretty much everywhere.

    All the best, Pat

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    1. re: Pat Hammond

      I love Stewarts' diet sodas! My favorite is the Orange Cream soda, but the Root Beer isn't bad either :-)


    2. I have not tried Stewarts, Pat... but I will. Thanks!

      1. Orange n cream sounds wonderful. I really love diet Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream.

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        1. re: ClaireLiz

          Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream? Man, I've missed that one. I've been a Dr. Pepper fan forever. There was a time when it was only available in the southern states. On road trips from New England to Florida, I'd watch for Dr. Pepper signs to start appearing. I still buy the "classic", but will sure look for Berries and Cream! Thanks.

          1. re: Pat Hammond

            Hope you can find it, it really is amazing. I live in Philly area and think we were one of the first areas to get it, they really promoted it. Hopefully you can get your hands on some.

        2. Until fairly recently, I wouldn't drink diet sodas because I felt they were too sweet and had a nasty aftertaste. However, I've found a couple that I actually seek out when shopping: Dr. Brown's Diet Cream Soda and Diet Root Beer and both Seagram's and Schweppes' Diet Ginger Ale. I've never found them in any restaurant, so must continue to order sparkling water or unsweetened iced tea when dining out.

          1. I really, really like Fresca.
            It doesn't have that nasty aftertaste, and I find it hits the spot for something fizzy, but not too sweet.

            It's easily found in supermarkets too. One less thing to hunt down.

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            1. re: hbgrrl

              Fresca is my diet soda of choice as well. That may just be because I remember my grandmother always had it around when I was growing up.

              1. re: magfitz

                I always hated Fresca till I tried Mexican Fresca. Really good stuff. Unfortunately (for dieters), it's made with sugar.


              2. re: hbgrrl

                I like the new varieties of Fresca available. In fact a can of Fresca-Sparkling Peach Citrus is sitting here next to the computer. Also there's a berry variety I believe. Good stuff.

                1. re: WI LouLou

                  Peach Fresca is also my favorite. The BF who grew up drinking lots of coke says Black Cherry Coke Zero tastes the most like the real thing though.

                2. re: hbgrrl

                  Also, and fwiw, there is some question, apparently, about whether it is okay to drink Fresca (or any grapefruit flavored soda) if one is taking a statin based cholesterol medication. (Apparently, grapefruit and statins use the same chemical pathway in the liver, which can cause problems.)

                  1. re: hbgrrl

                    Fresca is also my diet drink of choice. I also like it mixed with lite cranberry juice. I've dubbed that drink "cranfresca."

                    1. re: CindyJ

                      My husband loves Fresca. Beware, it's made with grapefruit which can cause problems for those on heart medications.

                      1. re: CindyJ

                        I also enjoy the cranfresca with light cranberry juice! How funny!

                        It's also nice with a shot or two of bacardi and a dash of grenadine (add the grenadine if you put in too much bacardi...).