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Jun 30, 2006 11:56 AM

Wasabi Chi in South Norwalk

Has anybody dined there yet?

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  1. Three of us ended up going last Friday night. Not as busy as I would have expected, though the restaurant is nice and spread out. If it was full, I don't think you'd feel overcrowded. We had a couple rolls and a few "special" dishes. To start, they brought edamame to the table. Then came our Tuna Millenium (fantastic, my favorite), followed by the rolls. We had a spicy tuna and a spicy salmon, which were good but on the pricy side and if you're in the mood for rolls Wasabi Chi is not where I'd send you. After the rolls came the miso (if I'm remembering correctly) black cod and the yellowtail cheeks. The cod was very good but I didn't care for the yellowtail cheeks. To me, they just tasted kind of blah/fatty but I think my husband liked it better than I did. I would definitely get the cod again and try more of the cooked fish from the "small plates" section.

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      We've eaten there a bunch of times and love it. We don't ever get the sushi or the entrees, but share all the little plates and omakase items. We love the Tuna Millenium, also our favorite...the tuna pizza, tuna tartare with tempura chips are our other favorite tuna dishes. We always get some steamed pork dumplings, the miso cod and sometimes the lobster martini which is chunks of lobster in a wasabi mayo with bean sprouts, avocado, asparagus and caviar. The wasabi calamari is great, as is the soba noodles with crispy sea only complaint is they never put enough plum sauce on it! The sushi is good, but you can get that anywhere and the other items are pretty unique, so we stick with those...and always go with a few other people so you can try more things!