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Jun 30, 2006 06:58 AM

grandview market in alhambra (home of the "italian treat!")

growing up in the shadow of phil spector's future castle, grandview market in alhambra (on valley near fremont) was the go-to-place for the "italian treat" - as good a hoagie as you're likely to find in town. eventually the shop was sold to an asian couple but they kept the tradition alive (ok so they skimped on the meat a little but who cares). i was super disappointed to return a couple of days ago and find that grandview market is now a lawnmower shop. the lawnmower guy said they'd been there since november, and that the market is long gone but he has no idea what happened to them. does anyone out there know? i know it was there as recently as a year ago, but have they have they reopened somewhere else? is the "italian treat" alive and well and edible, or does it now exist solely in tape form on the shelf of a seedy video store? inquiring hounds want to know!

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  1. I loved Grandview Market's "Italian Treat." The middle slice of bread was very unique and the Asian lady who worked there was hilarious and friendly. "Do you want avocado?!" she would loudly shout.

    Sadly, I don't know of any new appearance of a Grandview market style Italian Treat sandwich in Alhambra, but would be delighted if they resurfaced!

    1. Does anyone remeber the sanwich stand on 5th near Grand, they made some great hoagies, soft roll was split into 3, and lots of fillings. I went to high school with the owners daughter. These kind of places are really missed. I know about Bay Cities, Marios, Sorrentos, the guy in Eagle Rock, East Side Market, Claros, but these places were special.Anyone been to Santinos in Burbank?

      1. Have you tried Belly Buster on Valley Blvd.

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          I've had Belly Buster sandwiches, but it has been a very long time. I remember them using shredded lettuce and a little too much Italian dressing, but the sandwiches had good flavor. Your post has reminded me it is time for a visit!

        2. There's nothing like the Italian Treats of, oh...30 years ago, when the market was filled with Italian goods and spumoni ice cream in the case by the door. Even the last incarnation wasn't the same. Please post again if you find something close.