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Jun 30, 2006 05:55 AM

The Green Olive

Tucked away this rec by a fellow lister and we were passing today and saw an empty parking space in front of the restaurant so we gave it a try. Billed by a Hound as Greek, its more 'Middle Eastern' with all the usual tabbouli, humous etc. Mme Zoe ordered a gyro with beef and lamb and prounouned it the BEST she has eaten in the US and was at least as good as the last one she ate in the alleys of Myconos many moons ago. Bread was homemade, yoghurt dressing superb, lots of meat, tomato, salad and a hearty serving of the home made pita, with a side salad, all for $5.95. I ordered the falafel sandwich which was excellent, deep flavor and kind of glommed together so that the dressing, salad and filling were happily married; could only eat half it was so filling. Big bill too: $12.50 for two lunches and half a sandwich to take home. Nice space, good service.

Green Olive,
Wilshire east of Bundy on the North side
in the shopping mall strip of Ross, and a string of restaurants.
Parking on the street if the parking fairy is in your corner or in the Ross indoor parking.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I passed by this today...i thought it was either an olive oil store or a coffee shop...they need better signage on the exterior....i'll try it when I get back from vacation from the 1st of the year.

      1. Finally tried it today. Ordered the chicken kabob plate for $7.99 - chicken, rice, salad and hummus, with one slice of pita. Came with a tasty side of green spicy sauce.

        The chicken was tasty and not dried out as it often is with kabobs. They should have heated the pita on the grill, but they didn't (next time I'll ask). I'm not sure what bread the above poster had, but my pita was definitely not homemade - it came out of a package and tasted it (which is why it would have been tastier if heated on the grill).

        The real disappointment was the hummus. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but it was mediocre like the stuff you get in the supermarkets. Don't know if they are making it from a mix, buying it from elsewhere or not using high quality ingredients.

        Place is fast food style - order at counter and pick up and has a fast food look (i.e., no ambience).

        All in all, given the fact that is virtually no edible food in the immediate neighborhood, I would return. Wish they would improve the hummus.