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Jun 30, 2006 05:51 AM


I just went out and tried a recommendation by a friend.

I have eaten a lot of sushi in my life, lived in Honolulu and ate great sushi there, however tonight I had the best sushi I have ever eaten.

They have taken Sushi to another level at SUSHIZO.

I could actually tell the difference in textures of ever piece of sushi I ordered, The sushi was not covered in anago "Syrup" etc., rather all sushi had the correct amount of subtle sauces and others, mint, lemon etc.

The sushi was heavenly, the freshest shrimp I have ever eaten, unbelievable texture, I was told the shrimp was alive less then 45 secs. before it was in my mouth. that is how long it took our chef to prepare it.

I highly recommend the tuna, the scallops melt in your mouth, the giant clam with mint, the salmon egg was fantastic, the tako with a small splash of lemon was amazing.........I could go on, but I must now lay down and dream of exotic fish...........WOW


This is the best pure sushi resturant in town, I dare you to prove me wrong..

They do not serve tempura.....just very traditional Sushi Only

The chef even tells you weather or not to eat each piece of sushi with or without soy sauce.

Sushi 1 piece at a time (w/warm rice)
Nice!! Gives you the opporunity to try more

I'll be Back..........

9824 National Blvd.
310 842 3977

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. one of the only edo-style (old school, strictly nigiri and a few maki options) sushi joints in town. LOVE it.

      1. can't wait to try it . . . was feeling conservative and headed to echigo last night. still solid =)

        1. I'm curious to know the prices here.

          I wish I had an unlimited budget, but alas, I do not. Some of the best reviewed sushi restaurants on this board are outside my range.

          Sushizo sounds great and it's in my neighborhood. I'd love to try it. Any hint on the prices would be great.

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          1. re: PaulF

            Like the others who have responded, I was also quite impressed with Sushi Zo...went for the first time last weekend. Some have mentioned eating for $60, but I guess it depends how much you eat. I had the omakase, no alcohol, and the total came to $85 before tip. I probably eat more than the average person, though.

          2. I had posted a few weeks earlier on another post -- we loved Sushi Zo. I am responding here to the price question: we ordered "omakase" for two: one beer and one green tea. Our bill came to about $100 before tip. I know this seems like a lot, but the quality was wonderful. Think about it as $60-per-person...that's more palatable, huh!