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Peruvian or other ethnic eats in Santa Monica/West LA?

I work near Lincoln and Olympic and am looking for inexpensive and tasty lunch takeout. Any great Peruvian, Brazilian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese restaurants in the area?

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  1. I've been trying to think of some suggestions, but there isn't much in the area for the cuisines you mentioned. There's Ninjin (Japanese) on Colorado and 7th. There's an okay Korean place on Pico and 17th.

    I'm guessing you're already familiar with Sham and Bay Cities.

    1. very good falafal can be had at hungry pocket on pico just east of 17th.
      they also offer excellent freshly squeezed juices (they will squeeze the juice TO ORDER).

      1. Not entirely in the neighborhood, but I love Mario's Peruvian
        Mario's Peruvian & Seafood
        5786 Melrose Ave
        Los Angeles, CA 90038-3844
        (323) 466-4181

        I do not recall the name of the dish now, but I always get a big heap of potatoes stir fried with seafood. Greasy and tasty!

        1. Monte Alban (Oaxacan) in WLA

          Cafe Royale (Jamaican) in Santa Monica

          1. For peruvian places - check out the following list. THere used to be a place with decent stuff on Wilshire just west of Federal, but it's gone.


            1. Peruvian- Nope

              Brazilian- Nope

              Korean- Sweet Home Grill or something like that on Santa Monica Blvd a few blocks west of Bundy. Its an outdoor shack in a minimall. Not great though but its ok.

              Japanese- You can make it down to Sawtelle Blvd pretty easily going down olympic.

              Chinese- JR Seafood is in the Santa Monica Place mall. I've had their food a while back, its not bad for the westside. There's another decent chinese place....shoot forget the name...its on SM Blvd though too...i think between bundy and barrington.....

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                Actually, the one between Bundy and Barrington is the original JR Seafood. The branch at Santa Monica Place closed some time ago. Also Cafe Brasil opened recently on Washington near McLaughlin but that may be too far South for the OP.

              2. For Brazilian in west la, there's a stripi along venice. Go to Zabumba for feijoada or pao de queijo and beer, decent not great but ok. Two blocks away is Cafe Brasil. And a few blocks past that is the Supermercado Brasil and the new brazilian mall. Ask there for suggestions outside the neighborhood.

                It's always easier if one asks for anything in the neighborhood and then decides for oneself if it's great or not. Enjoy exploring and post back what you find.

                1. Wharo on Lincoln/Washington (next to Walgreens) offers decent Korean. It's nothing like K-Town places, but on the Westside, it's about as good as we can do.

                  1. El Hatuchay
                    12853 Sherman Way
                    North Hollywood

                    This place has really good authentic Peruvian food. I would call ahead if you are ordering takeout.