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Jun 30, 2006 05:23 AM

Fish tacos in SF

Where can I get great fish tacos in or near SF? I know it's more of a Southern California thing, but it would be nice to be able to have them here once in a while.


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  1. In the last couple of weeks we've tried and liked fish tacos at Taqueria San Jose (2830 Mission St.) and El Metate (2406 Bryant). Both are good but very different. The fish at San Jose seemed baked and a lot of it was flaked onto the taco. Quite a generous amount of fish for a small taco.

    El Metate's fish taco uses a tiny fried filet. It's good, though I think they should use a little shredded cabbage on the taco instead of lettuce.

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      a fish taco should have shredded cabbage. it has more body and won't wilt into a muddy mess. shredded lettuce is for the birds.

    2. There's a new place in Napa called La Taquiza. They have both grilled and fried. It's very close to what I remember in Baja but very expen$ive for a taco, even in Napa. But the room is nice and bright and modern and sometimes you just want something more than a taco truck.

      1. I was excited to try La Taquiza today, but unfortunately, it was closed at 1:15pm (Sunday, July 2). Do you know what type of fish is used for the tacos? I think the two styles of fish tacos were priced at $3.25 or so on the overhead menu boards. The small list of Spanish wines by the glass includes some goodies such as Naia Rueda and Borsao.

        It's located on the corner of Redwood and Solano (opposite the Unocal station), in the newly renovated shopping center with Vallergas market. The concierge at Silverado Country Club gave me the location when I couldn't pull it up in google. She tried it recently and said it was good and new.

        La Taquiza storefront photo -

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          1. Not quite in SF, but just a few minutes outside of it - Sausalito Taco Company on Bridgeway is really fantastic - both the fish taco (breaded and fried) and the "sausalito" w/ sauteed shrimp and veggies are amazing. Their horchata is pretty good too.

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              I'm a fish taco fan and saw how crowded this place was last Saturday. Is the fish breaded or battered? My ideal fish tacos are the ones found in Ensenada... with shredded cabbage.

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                My boyfriend and I finally made it to Sausalito Taco Company-- it's now our favorite fish taco in the Bay Area. (We have a favorite in LA). The fish is moist, perfectly battered (not too heavy), very generous portion, and topped with shredded cabbage. They give you salsas, all very fresh, and a crema in a bottle to put on your taco. Next time, I will ask for some lime wedges.

                Our previous favorite in the Bay Area was Tacabuya. We still love them there too.

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                  How do you feel they compare with Nick's Crispy Tacos (SF) or La Calaca Loca (Oakland) which are basically identical?

                  Salsalito Taco Shop
                  1115 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965

                  1. re: rworange

                    oh! I have only been to Nick's Crispy Tacos once (haven't been to La Calaca) - from a fading recollection, I think Sausalito Taco Co's fish is more lightly battered/ less oily, moist. Overall high fish to tortilla ratio. I remember Nick's to be heavier and I can't really pinpoint why. I do remember enjoying Nick's Crispy Tacos. My boyfriend and I didn't enjoy NCT physical setting much - we went on a Sat or Sun and it was clearly partied in the night before. This might have flavored our experience. We'll have to go back and re-visit. Much closer since we're in SF!